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Expeditions are instanced PvE areas, accessible from the cities in Albion.

What are expeditions?

Expeditions are instanced PvE missions which can be accessed through the Expedition Master NPC in cities. These expeditions are relatively short, with a successful run taking 20 to 30 minutes on average, and can also be considered fairly safe: In case you die, you will be transferred to the start of the expedition or to the nearest dungeon respawn point without losing any gear, you will only lose durability on our equipment.

Expeditions are available in two variants: solo and group. To queue for a groups expedition you need to find the Expedition Master NPC in a nearby city. Depending on your equipment, you will be automatically be assigned a role:

  • Defensive Your role is to tank, making sure the mobs and bosses of the expedition focus you.
  • Supportive Your role is to heal and shield your teammates, making sure everyone survives.
  • Offensive Your role is to deal damage and kill the mobs, while avoiding taking damage.

Once you have selected a group-size and tier difficulty, you will be teleported to an expedition, where you will be given a mission. When you are assigned to a specific role, you are locked to that specific role the whole duration of the expedition and other players can see your role as well. Complete the mission and a portal will appear to bring you back to the city you came from. You will have 60 minutes to complete solo expeditions and 120 minutes for group expeditions, failing to complete the mission will teleport you back to the city. Leaving an expedition prematurely or being kicked from the party will put you on a penalty timer of 15 minutes before you can start another expedition.

Sigils: Special Expedition Rewards

Expeditions are ideal content if you are not quite ready to venture into the open world or if you are simply lacking the time. Not only will you earn silver and fame during the expedition (albeit less than in the open world), the first expedition of the day will give you additional fame and a Royal Sigil.

These Royal Sigils, in combination with regular equipment parts, are used to craft royal armors. There are three different Royal equipment sets: Cloth, leather and plate. Similarly to artifact items, they are unlocked through the combat-tree of the Destiny Board. Each royal equipment piece will also have its own unique spell, which makes for 9 unique spells.


Royal armours are special items which require an NPC drop. However keep in mind that to craft them you need to normal players crafted armors as a requirement. Thus although sigils are theoretically an infinite drop, royal armors still do not harm the player driven economy.

How to unlock higher tier expeditions?

Expeditions are divided by tiers, as are many parts in Albion Online. You can unlock new expeditions by killing creatures in the world of Albion, the more creatures you kill the higher your ‘Reaver’ tier will be. Similarly to the adventurer’s progression, reaver tiers are unlocked through the combat-tree of the Destiny Board.

If you want to host a Master’s expedition you need to be a Master’s Reaver and the needed ‘Average Item Power’.

List of Expeditions

There are two types of Expeditions, solo and group with a total of 7 different environments.

Individual Expedition (Solo)

Sellsword Expedition (Group)