Expert's Cape

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Expert's Cape is an item or piece of equipment that increases the Max Energy and Energy Regeneration of the user while it's being worn. It belongs to the Capes category.


Expert's Cape can be enchanted to become:

  • enchantment level 1 or .1
  • enchantment level 2 or .2
  • enchantment level 3 or .3

To enchant Expert's Cape a player needs to go to the Artifact Foundry and use:

  • 24 x Expert's Rune to enchant from .0 to .1
  • 24 x Expert's Soul to enchant from .1 to .2
  • 24 x Expert's Relic to enchant from .2 to .3


Each of the enchantment levels of the Expert's Cape can have one of the 5 quality levels:

  • Normal
  • Good
  • Outstanding
  • Excellent
  • Masterpiece


To be able to craft Expert's Cape a player needs level 10 Cape Tailor unlocked on the Destiny Board. Expert's Cape can be crafted at the Toolmaker using:


Expert's Cape can be further crafted into other items. While the enchantment level will be inherited by the further crafted item, the quality level won't. Expert's Cape is used in recipes to craft the following items:

Stats Table of Comparison

Item Max Energy Energy Regeneration