Expert's Demon Cape

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Expert's Demon Cape

Expert's Demon Cape
An Expert's Demon Cape is a tier 5 Cape.It is one of the five tiers of Demon Capes and it belongs to the Mob Faction Capes category. It can be crafted at the Toolmaker using:
Max Energy +12
Energy Regeneration +0.15
Passive Ability
Opening to Hell

Numerical values are based on Normal quality flat enchantment and they slightly scale the higher the quality and the higher the enchantment.


Expert's Demon Cape can be enchanted to become:

  • enchantment level 1 or .1
  • enchantment level 2 or .2
  • enchantment level 3 or .3

To enchant Expert's Demon Cape a player needs to go to the Artifact Foundry and use:

  • 24 x Expert's Rune to enchant from .0 to .1
  • 24 x Expert's Soul to enchant from .1 to .2
  • 24 x Expert's Relic to enchant from .2 to .3


Each of the enchantment levels of the Expert's Demon Cape can have one of the 5 quality levels:

  • Normal
  • Good
  • Outstanding
  • Excellent
  • Masterpiece

Stats Table of Comparison

Item Max Energy Energy Regeneration Passive Spell


Passive Spell

Damage vs Players

Passive Spell

Damage vs Creatures

12 0.15/s
12 0.16/s
13 0.16/s
13 0.17/s
14 0.18/s
14 0.18/s
15 0.18/s
15 0.19/s
16 0.2/s
17 0.21/s
16 0.2/s
17 0.21/s
17 0.21/s
18 0.22/s
19 0.24/s
18 0.23/s
19 0.23/s
19 0.23/s
20 0.25s
21 0.27/s