Expert's Fire Staff

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Expert's Fire Staff

Equipment Item
7.6 kg
Item value

General Information

The Expert's Fire Staff is a Tier 5 Fire Staff which may be obtained by crafting or via the Market Place.

There are two options for the Q spell slot: Fire Bolt (First) and Burning Field (First)

There are four options for the W spell slot: Ignite (Second), Wall of Flames (Second), Fire Wave (Second), and Fire Ball (Second)

There is one option for the E spell slot: Pyroblast (Third)

There are three options for the passive slot: Burn (Passive), Energetic (Passive), and Aggressive Caster

The Expert's Fire Staff may have different Item Quality ranging from Normal to Masterpiece

The Expert's Fire Staff Item Quality may be increased at a Repair Station for a fee

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Expert's Fire Staff, players will need the following materials:

Tier 5.0 Fire Staff Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Cedar Planks 16
  Titanium Steel Bar 8
Produces 1 x   Expert's Fire Staff
Tier 5.1 Fire Staff Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Uncommon Cedar Planks 16
  Titanium Steel Bar 8
Produces 1 x   Expert's Fire Staff
Tier 5.2 Fire Staff Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Rare Cedar Planks 16
  Titanium Steel Bar 8
Produces 1 x   Expert's Fire Staff
Tier 5.3 Fire Staff Recipe
Item Name Quantity
  Exceptional Cedar Planks 16
  Titanium Steel Bar 8
Produces 1 x   Expert's Fire Staff


Expert's Fire Staff
Item Quality Tier Item Power Magical damage DPS
Normal 5.0 800 41 56/s
Good 5.0 820 42 57/s
Outstanding 5.0 840 43 58/s
Excellent 5.0 860 44 59/s
Masterpiece 5.0 900 45 61/s
Normal 5.1 900 45 61/s
Good 5.1 920 46 62/s
Outstanding 5.1 940 46 63/s
Excellent 5.1 960 47 64/s
Masterpiece 5.1 1000 49 66/s
Normal 5.2 1000 49 66/s
Good 5.2 1020 49 67/s
Outstanding 5.2 1040 50 68/s
Excellent 5.2 1060 51 69/s
Masterpiece 5.2 1100 53 71/s
Normal 5.3 1100 53 71/s
Good 5.3 1120 53 72/s
Outstanding 5.3 1140 54 73/s
Excellent 5.3 1160 55 74/s
Masterpiece 5.3 1200 57 77/s

Additional Fire Staff Families

Families are split at tier 4 and above.

Fire Staff Weapon Families

Additional Tiers of Fire Staff

Tiers of Fire Staff


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
20 June 2022Into the Fray Patch 1
  • Pyroblast (one-handed Fire Staffs):
    • Adjusted the aiming mechanic:
    • Significantly increased rotation speed
    • The aiming area is no longer displayed to other players
  • Fire Bolt (all Fire Staffs):
    • Instant Damage: 70 → 62
    • DoT Damage per Tick: 5.5 → 5
  • Flame Blast (all Fire Staffs):
    • Cooldown: 8s → 12s
    • Explosion Damage: 150 → 140
    • Instant Damage: 45 → 40
8 June 2022Into the Fray Update
    • Fire Staffs:
      • Pyroblast is now a channeled skillshot that rewards positioning and timing; Ignite replaced with a new ability, Flame Blast; Infernal Staff's Contagious Fire replaced with Combustion which ignites an enemy leaving a flaming trail that silences
8 June 2022Into the Fray Update{{{1}}}
26 January 2022Lands Awakened Patch 4Wildfire Staff remains strong across multiple content types. Its burst damage remains high, and its low cast time makes it hard for enemies to avoid. The cast time has thus been reverted to 0.6s, allowing enemies to react if Magma Sphere is cast directly at them. Additionally, base damage of its first impact was reduced. The true damage DoT retains its strong impact against tanks and high HP builds, but no longer harms cloth users as quickly.

The range of Searing Flame was reduced, since it was too high for a low-cooldown, high-damage Q-ability.

Since Dawnsong is more likely to hit enemy frontlines, it was difficult to utilize the Healing Cast debuff, as enemy Healers are usually in the backline. To make this debuff more dependable, it now reduces Healing Received instead. Additionally, its cooldown was adjusted to 30s to make it easier to sync with other ZvZ forces.

  • Searing Flame (all Fire Staffs):
    • Range: 20m → 18m
    • Projectile Speed: 25m/s → 21.6m/s
  • Magma Sphere (Wildfire Staff):
    • Cast Time: 0.4s → 0.6s
    • Instant Damage: 296 → 240
  • Flaming Phoenix (Dawnsong):
    • Debuff now reduces Healing Received (previously Healing Cast)
    • Cooldown: 40s → 30s
    • Cast Time: 1s → 0.6s
13 October 2021Call to Arms Patch 11Wildfire Staff has struggled to find a valuable spot in group compositions. Its core mechanic meant it was not well-suited to small-scale fights, while other DPS options outshone it in large-scale combat. To give it a specific DPS sub-role specifically suited to punishing enemy frontlines, the burning effect now ignores armor and deals 3.75% of the player's max health per tick as damage. This makes it more desirable against tanks and heavily-armored players. This fits the ability design better, as the rolling Magma Sphere is quite difficult to land on the enemy’s backline but much better suited to punishing overextended frontlines.
  • Searing Flame (all Fire Staffs):
    • Fixed an issue where its collision detection was unreliable at max range - this means its effective range is now increased
  • Magma Sphere (Wildfire Staff):
    • Projectile Speed: 7.67m/s → 11.5m/s
    • Cast Speed: 0.6s → 0.4s
    • Instant Damage: 267.43 → 296
    • Ignite Damage per tick: 20.06 → 3.75% of the target's Max Health
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9Fire Staffs

Fire Staffs are currently underrepresented in many types of PvP content and are often outclassed by Frost Staffs in group PvP. To make Fire Staffs more attractive in group fights, a new Q-ability, Searing Flame, has been added. This ability is a Q-slot skillshot which allows users to deal constant damage from the backline. The damage of each individual hit is moderate, but if the caster lands 3 hits in a row, the next projectile becomes Furious Flame and deals far greater damage.

  • Added a new Q-slot Ability, Searing Flame:
    • Fire a Searing Flame in the target direction. The first enemy hit receives 94 magical damage and starts burning. Each time you hit an enemy with Searing Flame you get a charge. If you have 3 Searing Flame Charges, your next Searing Flame cast will be a Furious Flame instead, dealing 182 magical damage on impact. Burning enemies take 11 magical damage every second for 4 seconds.
6 May 2021Call to Arms Patch 4 (Balance Patch)Fire Staffs

Fire Wave is now easier to hit with and deals more damage. Fire Wall, with its lasting area, still has more utility, but Fire Wave is an alternative (with more damage plus knockback) in smaller or 1v1 fights.

  • Fire Wave (all Fire Staffs):
    • Cone area now quickly swipes from left to right, covering more horizontal space
    • Enemies hit now receive an additional 75 magic damage if any Q-slot DoT is active on them
12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
  • Ignite (all Fire Staffs):
    • Enemy Health Threshold for the buff: 20% → 40%
  • Pyroblast (One-Handed Fire Staff):
    • Cast Time: 2s → 1.5s
  • 12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2Avalonian Weapons are an entirely new line of Artifact Weapons and offhands, each with unique new abilities. They can be crafted with new Avalonian Artifacts, which can be obtained directly or forged from Avalonian Shards, which are dropped in Elite Dungeons and along the Roads of Avalon.
    19 May 2020Queen Patch 12 (Season 9 Balance Patch) and Hotfix 12.1Fire Staffs
    • Fire Bolt (all Fire Staffs):
      • Cast Time: 1s → 0.7s
      • Impact Damage: 87.52 → 70.00
      • DoT Damage: 5.72 → 5.50
      • Energy Cost: 4 → 3
    • Ignite (all Fire Staffs):
      • Hit Delay: 0.3s → 0s
      • Standtime: 0.4s → 0.2s
      • Instant Damage: 96.23 → 140.00
      • Removed Damage Over Time effect - instead, hitting a target below 20% Health now gives the caster a 40% Move- and Cast Speed buff for 3 seconds
    18 September 2019Percival Patch 5 (Midseason Patch)Fire Staffs
    • Added a new W-Spell, Fire Artillery:
      • After 1.5s, become stationary for up to 6s and fire a projectile on target enemy every 2s. The projectile deals 55 magical impact damage and leaves a burning area on the ground for 6s. Every second this applies an Ignite Stack on enemies inside of it that lasts 3s. (Stacks up to 4 times)
    • Pyroblast (One-Handed Fire Staff):
      • Range: 12m → 13m
      • Instant Damage: 284.31 → 300.00
    10 July 2019Percival UpdateFire Staffs
    • Magma Sphere (Wildfire Staff):
      • Cast Time: 1s → 0.6s
    9 May 2019Oberon Patch 5 (Midseason Patch)Fire Staffs
    • Flame Tornado (Blazing Staff):
      • Tick Damage vs Players: 51.00 → 60.00
    10 April 2019Oberon Patch 2 / Free-to-Play LaunchFire Staffs
    • Contagious Fire (Infernal Staff):
      • Damage per tick: 34.68 → 32.00
    20 February 2019Nimue Balance Patch (Patch #7)Fire Staffs
    • Replaced the spell Fire Bomb (Q-Slot)
    • Added new spell Burning Field (Q-Slot)
      • Sets the ground in a 3m radius for 4s on Fire. Dealing magic damage on ignition and additional damage for enemies inside the area. This is a ranged spell, which you can cast on the ground.
      • Cooldown: 0s → 4s
    26 September 2018Merlyn Preseason Balance PatchFire Staffs:
    • Fire Bolt (all Fire Staffs)
      • Standtime 0.2s → 0s
    • Fire Bomb (all Fire Staffs)
      • Standtime: 0.2s → 0s
    31 July 2018Merlyn UpdateFire Staffs:
    • Flame Pillar (Great Fire Staff)
      • Damage: 169.12 -> 184
    20 June 2018Lancelot Patch #9Fire Staffs
    • Flame Tornado (Blazing Staff)
      • Damage vs Mobs: 47.23 → 43.45
    2 May 2018Lancelot Midseason PatchFire Staffs
    • Flame Pillar:
      • Damage: 153.74 -> 169.12
    • Contagious Fire:
      • Cast Time: 1.5s -> 1.2s
      • Damage per tick: 27.75 -> 34.68
    11 April 2018Lancelot Patch #4
  • Fire Staffs:
    • Wall of Flames:
      • Fear Duration: 1s -> 0.5s
      • Targets will no longer bounce back into the wall of flames multiple times.
  • 16 March 2018Lancelot Hotfix #2Wall of Flames:
    • Fear duration reduced to 1 second fixed duration, regardless of item power and crowd control resistance
    12 March 2018Lancelot UpdateFire Staffs:
    • Fire Bolt:
      • Burn Tick: 5 -> 4
      • First Burn tick after: 0s -> 1s
    • Wall of Flames
      • Duration: 6s -> 5s
    • Flame Tornado:
      • Damage per Tick: 71.41 -> 51.00
      • Damage per Tick vs mobs: 71.41 -> 47.23
    27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • Fire Bolt:
    • Instant Damage: 107.41 -> 120.83
    • Damage per Tick: 15.44 -> 10.29
  • Fire Wall:
    • Damage per tick: 41.68 -> 36.34
  • Fire Wave:
    • Cooldown: 10s -> 15s
    • Damage per Tick: 31.49 -> 34.60
    • Number of Ticks: 2 -> 5
    • Knockback Distance: 6.63 -> 2.05
    • Energycost: 10 -> 12
  • Contagious Fire:
    • Damage: 23.12 -> 27.75
  • Meteor:
    • Damage: 385.25 -> 434.09