Explorer's Shelter

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Building Materials
Novice's House
30 3 180 1
Journeyman's House
60 6 180
Adept's House
120 12 180
Expert's House
240 24 180
Master's House
240 24 180
Grandmaster's House
240 24 180
Elder's House
240 24 180

Explorer’s Shelter

This house is exclusively available to Legendary Founders. Built like a grand ship turned on its head, it reflects its owner’s passion for adventure and discovery.

Building an Explorer's Shelter

Building an Explorer's Shelter requires a special item, the Explorer's Anchor

Only character's on a Legendary Founder's account can build an Explorer's Shelter using an Explorer's Anchor, but they can build it on any empty building plot, even on the island of a character that is not a Legendary Founder. If you wish to upgrade it, you will need a Legendary Founder again to initiate the upgrade, while you can supply the resources without having to be a Legendary Founder yourself. Make sure it is someone that you trust!