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One of Three Artifact Off-Hands in the Shield Fighter Node on the Destiny Board.


  • Physical Attack Bonus
  • Magic Attack Bonus
  • Physical Ability Bonus
  • Magical Ability Bonus
  • Defense vs. Players
  • Defense vs. Mobs
  • Threat Generation Bonus


Item First Material Quantity Second Material Quantity Artifact Quantity
Adept's Facebreaker Pine Planks 4 Steel Bar 4 Adept's Bloodforged Spikes 1
Expert's Facebreaker Cedar Planks 4 Titanium Steel Bar 4 Expert's Bloodforged Spikes
Master's Facebreaker Bloodoak Planks 4 Runite Steel Bar 4 Master's Bloodforged Spikes
Grandmaster's Facebreaker Ashenbark Planks 4 Meteorite Steel Bar 4 Grandmaster's Bloodforged Spikes
Elder's Facebreaker Whitewood Planks 4 Adamantium Steel Bar 4 Elder's Bloodforged Spikes