Faction Standing

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Faction Standing

Faction Standing is a loyalty system which rewards players by giving them a faction points multiplier according to their level and possibility to buy rare items from faction NPC.

Faction Ranks

There are 21 Faction Ranks, corresponding to levels of faction standing. Note the actual rank title may be called differently in other factions:

Rank # Faction Rank (title) Required Faction Standing Bonus to Faction Points received
1 Mercenary 0 points 0% increase
2 Recruit 4,000 points 0% increase
3 Scout 9,000 points 0% increase
4 Guard 15,000 points 5% increase
5 Footman 22,000 points 5% increase
6 Skirmisher 30,000 points 5% increase
7 Legionnaire 42,000 points 10% increase
8 Man-at-arms 60,000 points 10% increase
9 Knight-errant 85,000 points 10% increase
10 Knight Defender 120,000 points 15% increase
11 Knight Champion 180,000 points 15% increase
12 Knight Commander 240,000 points 15% increase
13 Woodsman 330,000 points 20% increase
14 Outrider 450,000 points 20% increase
15 Pathfinder 650,000 points 20% increase
16 Waystalker 1,000,000 points 20% increase
17 Ranger 1,400,000 points 25% increase
18 Gladewatcher 2,000,000 points 25% increase
19 Verdant Guard 2,800,000 points 25% increase
20 Emerald Warden 4,000,000 points 25% increase
21 Protector of the Forest 6,000,000 points 30% increase

To check your current Faction Standing you should open "Activities" tab, and then choose "Faction Warfare". (Note: You must enlist to any faction before)

Attention! If you enlist in another faction, you current faction standing will be lost but it will partially be converted into the new faction standing


Faction Standing Bonus

To check your current Faction Standing Points multiplier you may use shortcut: "l. shift + F".

Enlisting with Factions with currently low recruitment rates significantly increases the amount of Faction Points you will receive during Faction Warfare.

You can also trade your Faction Points with Faction NPC in your city to Faction Goods. (The points spent do not affect your Faction Standing)

Item Required rank Required Faction Standing
Guard 15'000 points
Legionnaire 42'000 points
Knight Deffender 120'000 points
Woodsman 330'000 points
Knight Deffender 120'000 points
Ranger 1'400'000 points
Ranger 1'400'000 points

* This page was made using Lymhurst Faction's rewards but it works the same with other factions. The rewards and Faction Ranks are faction specific. (Amount of Faction Points required to unlock the equivalent rewards and ranks are the same)