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There are two types of Factions in Albion Online. Player Factions and Mob factions.

Players can join Player Factions and associate with them while doing activities in Albion.

Mob Factions can only be fought against and represent different types of enemies with their own distinctive characteristics, look and items that can be obtained from them.

Player Factions

There are 6 player factions in the world of Albion, each faction represents one of the royal continent cities:

Each faction has its own crest and cape. Players can join and switch between any of the six factions. Faction Standing can be earned through Faction Warfare, doing PvE content while "faction flagged" as well as gathering for your active faction. Brief information on how to join a faction can be found here below, for more information, be sure to check out the Faction Warfare Page.

Joining a Faction

You can join a faction (aka "enlist", "flag" or "flag up") in any of the Royal Cities.
You can only enlist for the faction that is based in that city, and you will have to travel to that particular city each time you want to re-flag with that faction.
Flagged players can be attacked anywhere on the Royal Continent (even blue and yellow zones) under zone type conditions by players flagged to enemy factions. Lethal zones result in player death.
Certain zones will automatically unflag the player upon entering, including Hellgates, Arena, GvGs, and Expeditions.
Certain zones are not enterable while faction flagged: other faction cities and starter towns, and the Outlands.
Flagged players will have a modified logout time in blue and yellow zones.
Flagged players have to unflag to be safe in blue and yellow zones.
Flagged players have a new respawn option, "Faction City":

  • If selected: Player will keep their faction flagging and will be teleported into their faction city.
  • If another respawn option is selected (Home, Territory, etc.), the player will lose their faction flagging when respawning.


You can unflag from a Faction the same way you can for PvP mode, just click the shield icon next to your avatar on the top left of the screen.

Mob Factions

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