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General Information

Fame is rewarded to players for interacting with the world of Albion, referred to as experience in other games.

Actions that award fame include: gathering, crafting, pvp, pve, farming, building structures, ect.

For information on obtaining fame efficiently, see Fame Farming

Combat Fame

Players receive combat fame in a variety of ways:

Farming Fame

To gain farming fame, players have to collect items from farms that finished growing. These come in two categories: plants (crops and herbs) and animals (livestock, horses, oxen and rare mounts).

All Crops and Herbs give 150 Fame (with premium) when harvested.

Gathering Fame

Gathering Fame can be gained by gathering Tier 2 and above raw resources found in zones.

Crafting Fame

Players can gain Fame from crafting items.

The amount of Fame ([math]\displaystyle{ F_C }[/math]) gained when crafting an item can be calculated using the following formula[1], where

  • [math]\displaystyle{ F_B }[/math] is the base fame for crafting the item
  • [math]\displaystyle{ A }[/math] is the amount of non-artifact materials used for crafting the item
  • [math]\displaystyle{ T }[/math] is the Tier of the item
  • [math]\displaystyle{ T_y }[/math] is the type of the item (can be either Artifact, Royal or Standard) and
  • [math]\displaystyle{ E_L }[/math] is the Enchantment Level of the item (an integer between 0 and 3),

[math]\displaystyle{ F_C = F_B + \begin{cases} 500, &\text{if } T_y = \text{Artifact}, \\ 2.5 \times A \times (T - 3), &\text{if } T_y = \text{Royal and } T \lt 6, \\ 2.5 \times A \times 4, &\text{if } T_y = \text{Royal and } T \geq 6, \\ 0, &\text{otherwise} \\ \end{cases} + \begin{cases} 0, &\text{if } T_y = \text{Royal}, \\ E_L \times (F_B - 7.5 \times A), &\text{otherwise} \end{cases} }[/math]

The base crafting Fame of an item is the amount of non-artifact materials used for crafting the item ([math]\displaystyle{ A }[/math]), multiplied by a number that is fixed for each Tier ([math]\displaystyle{ T }[/math]):

[math]\displaystyle{ F_B = A \times \begin{cases} 0, &\text{if } T = 1, \\ 1.5, &\text{if } T = 2, \\ 7.5, &\text{if } T = 3, \\ 22.5, &\text{if } T = 4, \\ 90, &\text{if } T = 5, \\ 270, &\text{if } T = 6, \\ 645, &\text{if } T = 7, \\ 1395, &\text{if } T = 8 \\ \end{cases} }[/math]

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
13 December 2021Lands Awakened Patch 1Due to the increased amounts of Fame in the open world and Static Dungeons since the Lands Awakened update, some Fame conversion ratios were overperforming. These conversion factors have been adjusted to better match the new average Fame values players are receiving:
  • PvE Fame to Faction Point conversion ratio reduced by approximately an additional 15%. Faction-flagged characters should now earn about 40% more Faction Points from PvE than before the update.
  • Reputation gain reduced by 30%. This should still mean a slight increase over pre-update values.
6 May 2021Call to Arms Patch 4 (Balance Patch)
  • Buff now persists when moving between black-zone regions
  • Overall duration reduced to 10 minutes (900s → 600s)
  • Buff is removed if leaving the black zone, with the following rules:
    • For this buff, Randomized and Static Dungeons entered via black zone entrances are considered black zones
    • The buff will thus not be removed when entering these dungeons, though it will drop off naturally after 10 minutes
    • For this buff, Roads of Avalon, Hellgates, and Corrupted Dungeons are not considered black zones, even if entered from a black zone, and will thus cancel the buff immediately
  • 2 December 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 10 and Hotfix 10.1
    • Fame for all Elite mobs in World Boss Raid Zones, including World Bosses themselves, has been massively increased
    • World Bosses now spawn once per hour instead of once per day
    • Other elite mobs in Raid zones respawn approximately 30 minutes after being killed
    • Season Points from World Bosses have been adjusted accordingly:
      • Tier 7: 40→ 12
      • Tier 8: 50→ 15
    • Defeating a major World Boss (Demon Prince, Earthmother, Harvester) now grants an hour-long buff that increases Fame for killing mobs within the same zone by 20%. Buff is limited to 20 allies and is lost upon dying, leaving the zone, or logging out.
    • The following Homebase zones are now better defended (Elite encounters are tougher, former Veteran encounters are now Elite):
      • Undead: Camlann, Black Monastery, Unhallowed Cloister, Deathreach Priory
      • Keeper: Inis Mon, Eye of the Forest, Eldersleep
      • Morgana: Astolat, Citadel of Ash, Wailing Bulwark, Daemonium Keep

    Stats for Elite mobs in Raid Zones have increased:

    Lower Elite mobs

    • Fame: +320%
    • Damage: +90%
    • Health: +100%
    • Armor: +50%

    Standard Elite mobs

    • Fame: +430%
    • Spell Damage: +30%
    • Health: +100%
    • Armor: +50%


    • Fame: +220%
    • Damage: +10%
    • Spell Damage: +20%
    • Health: +50%
    • Armor: +100%

    Rare Bosses

    • Fame: +580%
    • Damage: +10%
    • Spell Damage: +20%
    • Health: +10%
    • Armor: +100%
    20 January 2020Queen UpdateTier 7 and 8 Mob Fame Changes With increased quantity of and access to high-tier zones, the Silver and PvE kill Fame given by T7-T8 mobs has been reduced. The Avalonian Grail Buff (see above) gives high-level players additional opportunities to earn increased PvE Fame.
    25 May 2018Lancelot Patch #7
    • Group Fame bonuses now display in the combat log and floating popup messages. Fame earned now displays as follows: total fame gained displays first, followed by a breakdown of modifiers in brackets (zone type bonus, group bonus, and Premium bonus). As always, the following group bonuses apply to Fame earned:
      • Party of 2: no bonus
      • Party of 3: 17% Fame bonus
      • Party of 4: 33% Fame bonus
      • Party of 5-20: 40% Fame bonus
    1. Only tested for Tier 4 and higher