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General Information

Farms are fields used to grow the seeds purchased at the seed vendor NPC in order to produce crops used to craft food

Building a farm requires you to own a Player Island

Farms may only be placed on designated areas of the island

The Farms have a size of 3x3 parcels

A Farm may not be upgraded. To farm the various raw materials, player must obtain the appropriate Crop Farmer Fame on the Destiny Board. Players gain fame by picking the crops once they are fully grown

Farms may not be demolished if there is anything placed on the farm

Using the Demolish option on the building menu will return a portion of the resources used to build

Farms may not be placed on a Guild Island

Players may use shift+click to quickly perform Farming actions

Building Construction Materials

Quanity Item Name
15 Rough Logs
15 Rough Stone

Building Demolish Returns

Quanity Item Name
14 Rough Logs
14 Rough Stone

Farmable Materials

Fame Tier Item Name
1 Carrots
2 Beans
3 Sheaf of Wheat
4 Turnips
5 Cabbage
6 Potatoes
7 Bundle of Corn
8 Pumpkin

Additional Types of Buildings

Economy Farming Military Housing
Lumbermill Alchemist's Lab Hunter's Lodge Guild Hall
Repair Station Butcher Mage's Tower House
Smelter Cook Warrior's Forge
Stonemason Farm
Tanner Herb Garden
Toolmaker Kennel
Weaver Mill