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Animals are divided into two categories: Domestic Animals and Wild Animals. Growing animals belongs to the island farms activities.

Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals are either Livestock or Breeding animals. All of the baby animals, except the rare animals babies, can be bought from the Farming Merchant. Fame wise, breeding animals counts towards leveling one of the specific animal breeder skill, while the livestock fame doesn't. Some animals are grown for their meat, while others are grown to be turned into mounts. There's more info on raising animals on the Island Farms page. The Breeder specialties are the following:

Wild Animals

Wild animals are useful in Albion's economy for their offspring or for their hide.

Most of the wild animals are aggressive and will attack players that enter the aggro range.

All Wild Animals can be killed and skinned. Some of them have a chance to drop a baby animal which can be raised in a kennel or pasture depending on the animal type. The grown animal can then be saddled to be turned into a Rare Mount.

The following animals have the chance to drop a baby:

If you find a baby animal you can either sell it in the Marketplace or raise it if you have unlocked the needed Animal Breeder level in the Destiny Board. After raised the tame animal can be either sold or saddled.

The other wild animals are hunted purely for their skin and they are called hide animals.