Farm Territory

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Farm territory icon on the world map
Forest farm territory layout

Farm Territories are one of four different types of territories that are claimable by guilds and contain eight farm plots on which the controlling guild may grow crops, herbs, or animals (see farming for more information). Farm territories are protected by patrolling guards and a deadly watchtower in the center.

There are 19 Farm Territories on the Royal Continent, 24 in Anglia, 12 in Cumbria, and 12 in Mercia.

Farm Structures

The controlling guild is able to build one of four different farming structures on each farm plot within their territory:

Farm Territory Benefits

Farm territories offer 100% faster grow time for any animal, Grow time doesn't decrease for plants it only increases the produce amount. For animals which require more than one growth cycle to raise, standard nurturing limits still apply. In other words, you can grow a Direwolf faster on a town plot (feeding it 2x per 24 hours) but you are still only able to nurture it 1x per 24 hour period.

Farm territories, like resource territories, also provide a 50% gathering yield buff.

Territory Ownership

When viewing a territory on the region map, the color of a territory shows a player's relationship with its controlling guild. If a player's guild controls the territory it will be highlighted blue, if a different guild in a player's alliance controls the territory it will be highlighted purple, and if an enemy guild/alliance controls the territory it will be highlighted red. The territory's guards will not attack a player in a blue or purple territory and members are safe to enter and harvest in any resource territory owned by their alliance, but the guards of a red territory will be hostile and attack an enemy player if they get too close.