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Albion online fighting is divided into three categories: Guild vs. Guild, PvP, and PvE .

Guild vs. Guild

Guild fights consist of 5 members of a guild fighting an opposing guild's group of 5 players on a territory in the open world. Additionally, city GVG fights may be 20 v 20. These fights are similar to MOBAs, but players can bring their own gear. Guild fights are to compete for areas of the open world.

Open World PvP

The experience of fighting other players varies on the type of zone fought in. Blue, yellow, and red zones are governed by the King's law; reputation matters here. Black zones are out of reach from the King and thus lawless; reputation does not matter here.

In the open world, areas with more than 10 players will show a red circle on the mini-map that will increase in size as the number of players nearby increases.


No PvP, this is a safe zone.


Players can flag for PvP. Number of hostiles are shown on the map.

Flagged players can attack unflagged players, however doing so will incur reputation loss.

Unflagged players can attack flagged players with no reputation loss.

Players defeated in yellow zones will only be knocked down, receive a durability loss, and lose 10% of any stackable items provided they do not click die.


Same as yellow zones but when players are defeated they die and drop all their items (full loot).


All players are 'flagged' for PvP on default. Number of hostiles are not shown on the map.

No reputation loss in engaging in PvP.

Players defeated in black zones will die and drop all their items (full loot).


There is a dueling system that permits one to duel another, with or without a wager. During a duel, players must stay within a certain boundary marked by an orange circle, and have 10 seconds after leaving it to return before forfeiting the duel. The loser of a duel is knocked down, and is vulnerable to be executed if they are in the open world. However, they stand back up very quickly, and there are no other penalties.


PvE consists of players banding together to fight AI mobs. These mobs can be found in the open world or within dungeons. The strength of the mobs and the reward that is dropped depends on the zone color.

Death and Knock-Out

The consequences of dying or being knocked out vary depending on the zone you are in, and the cause of death.