Fine Cloth

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General Information

Fine Cloth is a Tier 4 refined resource

Refining Cloth will allow the player to unlock various tiers of Fiber Weaver

Fine Cloth is stackable; the maximum stack is 999

Players refine Fine Cloth to sell on the Market Place or craft into various items

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft Fine Cloth, players will need the following (Silver may be optional depending on the crafting station):

Nutrition Used Cost Resource Name Quantity
1.8 SilverCoins.png 18 Hemp 2
Neat Cloth 1
1.8 SilverCoins.png 18 Hemp 1
Vineheart 1
Neat Cloth 1

assuming station silver cost of 1000 per 100 nutrition used

Recipe Uses

The following recipes use Fine Cloth:

Recipe nameIngredient
Adept's BedPine Planks (10)
Fine Cloth (20)
Adept's Bedrock MaceSteel Bar (20)
Adept's Runed Rock (1)
Fine Cloth (12)
Adept's Blight StaffPine Planks (20)
Fine Cloth (12)
Adept's Symbol of Blight (1)
Adept's Camlann MaceSteel Bar (20)
Fine Cloth (12)
Adept's Imbued Mace Head (1)
Adept's Celestial CenserFine Cloth (4)
Adept's Severed Celestial Keepsake (1)
Worked Leather (4)
Adept's Cleric CowlFine Cloth (8)
Adept's Cleric RobeFine Cloth (16)
Adept's Cleric SandalsFine Cloth (8)
Adept's Cowl of PurityFine Cloth (8)
Adept's Sanctified Mask (1)
Adept's CryptcandleFine Cloth (4)
Pine Planks (4)
Adept's Ghastly Candle (1)
... further results

Types of Refined Cloth