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General Information

  • To catch fish players have to complete a mini-game described on the fishing page in detail.
  • Players can catch fish in all the waters in Albion and in every zone where there is water, but the tier of the fish will differ from map to map.
  • Each level in the Fisherman Destiny Board node increases item power for all fisherman gear by 0.5, increases fishing speed by 0.16, and increases fishing yield by 0.16%.
  • Each level in the Fishing Specialist Destiny Board node increases item power for all fisherman gear by 2.5, increases fishing speed by 0.33, and increases fishing yield by 0.33%.
  • Equipping a Fishing Rod will allow players to catch fish of all tiers that are up to +1 of the fishing rod's tier. For example, equipping a tier 5 fishing rod will allow players to catch tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 fish.
  • As of patch 9 (April 1st 2020) food now offers gathering yield for fishing.

Fishing is a gathering skill that was added to the game with the Lancelot patch. Players can try to catch fish in any body of water in the game. Higher tier zones allow players to catch higher tier fish. To start fishing and catch fish a player must equip a fishing rod, stand close to a body of water and throw out the fishing lure.

Depending on the zone the player is in, either freshwater fish or saltwater fish can be caught. The mouse icon will change to a fishing bob icon if fish can be caught in the water you are trying to fish in. Waters also contain school of fish. Fishing inside the circle of the school of fish yields fish more frequently and is an indicator if the waters have recently been overfished or not.

  • Fishing has a chance to give seaweed as a bonus in areas that have not yet been exhausted - the chance for this bonus increases with the tier of the fishing spot
  • Food that gives a bonus to gathering yield also applies that same bonus to fishing yield
  • Fisherman Armor and Avalonian Fishing Rods apply their fishing yield bonuses to T1 fish and seaweed - previously these only applied to T2 fish up to a maximum defined by the item
  • Destiny Board fishing speed and fishing yield bonuses apply to all tiers (previously only 3-8)

How to fish


After finding a suitable body of water, a player can throw out a lure, if he has a fishing rod in his inventory:

Fishing scenic lure.png

After waiting for a short amount of time (fish bite speed), the fishing bob will move up and down, signaling that a fish bit the hook and can be reeled in.

Fishing minigame.png

By pressing and releasing the left-mouse button the player will try to reel the fish in. The mini-game is a game of balance, trying to keep the fishing bob inside the green UI-field. If the fishing bob moves too far to the left or to the right into the red area the fishing attempt will fail. During the left-mouse button press the fishing bob will move to the right and the fish icon on the blue bar will move forward. Releasing the left-mouse-button will promt the fishing bob to automatically move to the left. Once the white fish icon arrives at the yellow end of the blue bar ( >> ) the fish or other loot will be caught and added to the player inventory. Fish are caught best by pressing and releasing the left-mouse-button, depending on guessing the future position and speed of the fishing bob icon.

Once you get a feel for it, reeling in a fish should take no more than a minute or two. If you are fighting with the fish for longer than that, it could be you have hooked a log or rock. It could also be that your client's frames-per-second ( type the command "/fps" in chat to see it ) is below 30. If this is the case, try turning down your graphics settings or contact support for assistance.

When you start reeling a fish and it doesn't move at all, then that fish is most likely a log or a stone so you can just stop the process and move to another fishing spot.

Note: when you get a log or stone that means that small spot you're fishing in no longer has fish, you will either need to wait a bit or move to another spot to find fish.

Where to catch fish

Fish can be caught all over Albion. But there are two different types of water in the world of Albion. Freshwater and saltwater. All rivers, lakes, ponds and other similar bodies of water that can be found inland are considered freshwater. Saltwater can only be found in zones that border the ocean. A quick way to determine whether a body of water is fresh- or saltwater is by finding a pool of fish - the saltwater fish jump out of the water, and the freshwater fish swim underneath the surface in a circle. For a list of the different catchable fish, use this table. Saltwater zones, especially higher-tier zones are rarer than freshwater zones. In the table below you can find a list of zones that have saltwater borders.

Saltwater also has a different color on the minimap than freshwater. See this image as an example:

Fishing saltwater freshwater.png

Fishing Gear

Players have to use a fishing rod to catch fish. But players can also equip fishing gear to increase their fishing yield. Fishing gear has special Passive Skills that increase the fishing yield the longer a player equips the gear. Higher item quality fishing rods provide higher bonuses to the fishing speed.

  • A detailed list of all fishing rods and their fishing speed bonuses can be found on the Fishing Rod item page.
  • A detailed list of all item stats of the fishing gear can be found on the Fishing Gear item page.
Fishing Gear Doll T4.png

Bait & Fishing Yield

Players can use bait to increase the bite speed of fish. Bait can be crafted from earthworms at a cook. Earthworms are found when harvesting crops during farming.

T1 Simple Fish Bait: 10 charges which increases bite speed of fish by 50%. (Requires 1 earthworm to craft.)

T3 Fancy Fish Bait: 10 charges which increases bite speed of fish by 125%. (Requires 5 earthworm to craft.)

T5 Special Fish Bait: 10 charges which increases bite speed of fish by 250%. (Requires 25 earthworm to craft.)

Players can also use Seaweed Salad to increase the fishing speed for 30 minutes.

Catch & Fishing Loot

Different locations offer different things that a player can catch. The two types of fish that can be caught are freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Occasionally and very rarely treasures can be found as well. The tier of fish that can be caught depends on the tier of the zone. To catch fish of a certain tier a player must be wearing a minimum fishing rod of the tier below it. Ex: A tier 6 fish can be caught with a tier 5 rod.

A list of all types of fish that can be caught can be found in the table below.

Common Fish

List of Common Fish
Tier Image Name Type Rarity Zone Level
1 Common Rudd Freshwater Common T 2-3
2 Striped Carp Freshwater Common T 2-4
3 Albion Perch Freshwater Common T 3-5
4 Bluescale Pike Freshwater Common T 4-6
5 Spotted Trout Freshwater Common T 5-7
6 Brightscale Zander Freshwater Common T 6-8
7 Danglemouth Catfish Freshwater Common T 7-8
8 River Sturgeon Freshwater Common T 8
1 Common Herring Saltwater Common T 2-3
2 Striped Mackerel Saltwater Common T 2-4
3 Flatshore Plaice Saltwater Common T 3-5
4 Bluescale Cod Saltwater Common T 4-6
5 Spotted Wolffish Saltwater Common T 5-7
6 Strongfin Salmon Saltwater Common T 6-8
7 Bluefin Tuna Saltwater Common T 7-8
8 Steelscale Swordfish Saltwater Common T 8

Rare Fish

List of Rare Fish
Tier Fish Name Type Rarity Zone level Biome
3   Greenriver Eel Freshwater Rare T 2-8 Forest
5   Redspring Eel Freshwater Rare T 3-8 Forest
7   Deadwater Eel Freshwater Rare T 5-8 Forest
3   Stonestream Lurcher Freshwater Rare T 2-8 Highland
5   Rushwater Lurcher Freshwater Rare T 3-8 Highland
7   Thunderfall Lurcher Freshwater Rare T 5-8 Highland
3   Greenmoor Clam Freshwater Rare T 2-8 Swamp
5   Murkwater Clam Freshwater Rare T 3-8 Swamp
7   Blackbog Clam Freshwater Rare T 5-8 Swamp
3   Upland Coldeye Freshwater Rare T 2-8 Mountain
5   Mountain Blindeye Freshwater Rare T 3-8 Mountain
7   Frostpeak Deadeye Freshwater Rare T 5-8 Mountain
3   Lowriver Crab Freshwater Rare T 2-8 Steppe
5   Drybrook Crab Freshwater Rare T 3-8 Steppe
7   Dusthole Crab Freshwater Rare T 5-8 Steppe
3   Shallowshore Squid Saltwater Rare T 1-8 Ocean
5   Midwater Octopus Saltwater Rare T 3-8 Ocean
7   Deepwater Kraken Saltwater Rare T 5-8 Ocean
8   Shark Saltwater Rare T2 (Cross Towns) or
3   Whitefog Snapper Water Rare T 2-5 Roads of Avalon
5   Clearhaze Snapper Water Rare T 3-7 Roads of Avalon
7   Puremist Snapper Water Rare T 5-8 Roads of Avalon

Other Loot

The tier of the zone you are fishing in determines the blackmarket loot up available. Runes and Tome of Insight can be also retrieved, but they are extremely rare.

Other Loot
Tier Name Type Rarity Zone
1 Seaweed Cooking Ingredient Common
Arcane Stone Sigil Decoration Caerleon/Island
Autumn Tree Decoration Caerleon/Island
Barrel with Candle Decoration Common Caerleon/Island
Broken Scholar Statue Decoration Caerleon/Island
Bunting Portal Decoration Caerleon/Island
Candelabra Decoration Caerleon/Island
Clothes Line Decoration Common Caerleon/Island
Corner Lantern Decoration Caerleon/Island
Fire Bowl Decoration Caerleon/Island
Fire Bowl with Pedestal Decoration Caerleon/Island
Fish Line Decoration Common Caerleon/Island
Flower Vase Decoration Common Caerleon/Island
Fruit Tree Decoration Caerleon/Island
Haystack Decoration Common Caerleon/Island
Haystack and Cart Decoration Common Caerleon/Island
Hunting Sculpture Decoration Caerleon/Island
Nature Stone Sigil Decoration Caerleon/Island
Scholar Statue Decoration Caerleon/Island
Simple Lantern Decoration Caerleon/Island
Small Nature Stone Sigil Decoration Caerleon/Island
Small Sword Sculpture Decoration Caerleon/Island
Small valorous Stone Sigil Decoration Caerleon/Island
Stone Well Decoration Caerleon/Island
Summer Tree Decoration Caerleon/Island
Sword and Shield Sculpture Decoration Caerleon/Island
Tree Stump Pumpkins Decoration Common Caerleon/Island
Wooden Entrance Decoration Caerleon/Island
Wooden Sign Decoration Common Caerleon/Island

List of cooking and alchemy recipes that use fishing loot

Fish can be consumed directly for various bonuses and fishing fame. Fame gained through eating fish is always half the value compared to catching a fish, with the values shown in the table including premium bonus. Fish can also be chopped up at the butcher into fish chops. Fish chops are used in a variety of high tier cooking recipes.

Elsa's Item Stats & Skills Spreadsheet has a table of the details (should converted and duplicated here at some point)

Consuming Fish Bonuses
Tier Name Bonus Bonus Amount Fame when consumed Chopped Fish
1 Common Rudd Health Regen 30% 7 1
1 Common Herring Health Regen 30% 7 1
2 Striped Carp Health Regen 53% 15 2
2 Striped Mackarel Health Regen 53% 15 2
3 Albion Perch Health Regen 75% 22 3
3 Flatshore Plaice Health Regen 75% 22 3
3 Greenriver Eel Cooldown Reduction 3,5% 75 10
3 Stonestream Lurcher Healing Received 3,5% 75 10
3 Upland Coldeye CC Resistance 11,3% 75 10
3 Lowriver Crab Energy Cost Reducion 3,5% 75 10
3 Greenmoor Clam Energy Regen 5,3% 75 10
3 Shallowshore Squid Crafting Quality&Speed 16 75 10
4 Bluescale Pike Health Regen 113% 30 4
4 Bluescale Cod Health Regen 113% 30 4
5 Spotted Trout Health Regen 150% 45 6
5 Spotted Wolffish Health Regen 150% 45 6
5 Redspring Eel Cooldown Reduction 6.7% 150 20
5 Rushwater Lurcher Healing Received 6,7% 150 20
5 Mountain Blindeye CC Resistance 22,5% 150 20
5 Drybrook Crab Energy Cost Reduction 6,7% 150 20
5 Murkwater Clam Energy Regen 10% 150 20
5 Midwater Octopus Crafting Quality&Speed 33 150 20
6 Brightscale Zander Health Regen 188% 60 8
6 Strongfin Salmon Health Regen 188% 60 8
7 Danglemouth Catfish Health Regen 225% 75 10
7 Bluefin Tuna Health Regen 225% 75 10
7 Deadwater Eel Cooldown Reduction 9,5% 225 30
7 Thunderfall Lurcher Healing Received 9,5% 225 30
7 Frostpeak Deadeye CC Resistance 33,8% 225 30
7 Dusthole Crab Energy Cost Reduction 9,5% 225 30
7 Blackbog Clam Energy Regen 18,9 225 30
7 Deepwater Kraken Crafting Quality&Speed 49 225 30
8 River Sturgeon CC Duration 10% 210 14
8 Steelscale Swordfish CC Duration 10% 210 14
8 Shark n/a n/a n/a 200

Screenshots of Fishing Gear

Below are screenshots of the different tiers of fishing gear. If you want to make them look nicer or add the female versions, please feel free to do so.

Wearing the fishing gear increases the numbers of fish, decoration and seaweed caught.

Fishing Gear Screenshots
Tier Male Front Male Back
4 Fishing Gear Front T4.png Fishing Gear Back T4.png
5 Fishing Gear Front T5.png Fishing Gear Back T5.png
6 Fishing Gear Front T6.png Fishing Gear Back T6.png
7 Fishing Gear Front T7.png Fishing Gear Back T7.png
8 Fishing Gear Front T8.png Fishing Gear Back T8.png

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