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T8 Fisherman mirror.jpg

Fisherman is a gathering profession focused on fishing fish. Unlike the other gathering professions, there are only two fisherman Destiny Board nodes: The Fisherman node and the Fishing Specialist node. A higher level in the Fisherman node will unlock higher tier Fishing Rods and Fisherman Gathering Gear.

To catch fish players have to complete a mini-game described on the fishing page in detail. Players can catch fish in all the waters in Albion and in every zone where there is water, but the tier of the fish will differ from map to map.

Each level in the Fisherman Destiny Board node increases item power for all fisherman gear by 0.5, increases fishing speed by 0.16, and increases fishing yield by 0.16%.

Each level in the Fishing Specialist Destiny Board node increases item power for all fisherman gear by 2.5, increases fishing speed by 0.33, and increases fishing yield by 0.33%.

Destiny Board Nodes

Destiny Board Node Node Fame Requirement Total Fame Requirement Unlocks Specialization Fame Requirement (x = Level, y = Fame Requirement)
Fisherman 7,000 7,000 Level 1:

(T4) Adept's Fishing Rod

(T4) Adept's Fisherman Cap

(T4) Adept's Fisherman Garb

(T4) Adept's Fisherman Workboots

(T4) Adept's Fisherman Backpack

Level 10:

(T5) Expert's Fishing Rod

(T5) Expert's Fisherman Cap

(T5) Expert's Fisherman Garb

(T5) Expert's Fisherman Workboots

(T5) Expert's Fisherman Backpack

Level 30:

(T6) Master's Fishing Rod

(T6) Master's Fisherman Cap

(T6) Master's Fisherman Garb

(T6) Master's Fisherman Workboots

(T6) Master's Fisherman Backpack

Level 60:

(T7) Grandmaster's Fishing Rod

(T7) Grandmaster's Fisherman Cap

(T7) Grandmaster's Fisherman Garb

(T7) Grandmaster's Fisherman Workboots

(T7) Grandmaster's Fisherman Backpack

Level 100:

(T8) Elder's Fishing Rod

(T8) Elder's Fisherman Cap

(T8) Elder's Fisherman Garb

(T8) Elder's Fisherman Workboots

(T8) Elder's Fisherman Backpack

Fishing Specialist 8,160 15,160 None [math]y=7870.2e^{0.0362x}[/math]