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Characters with Premium Status active passively earn 10,000 Focus points over 24-hour periods--even while offline--up to a maximum of 30,000 points, after which the character stops gaining Focus. Focus is used for various things, such as 'watering' crops, 'nurturing' animals, and increasing the resource return rate (RRR) when crafting. In addition, using focus when crafting items with quality--such as weapons and armor--provides a small crafting quality bonus.

Some zones provide an increased base RRR when crafting. For example, crafting cloth in a Royal City will provide you with a base RRR of 15.2%, but crafting it in Lymhurst will give you a base RRR of 36.7%. With a base RRR of 36.7%, if you were to use 100 cotton to craft simple cloth, then you would receive 100 simple cloth and around 37 cotton, whereas if you had a base RRR of 15.2%, you will only receive around 15 cotton. This incentivizes crafters to craft items in cities with increased RRR and to craft with focus in order to save on material costs, thus allowing them to craft the item for much less and make more profit. Crafting in Outlands hideouts also provide increasing RRR bonuses depending on how close the zone is to the center.

Crafting at the black zone gives 48% resource return rate with focus.

Refining and Crafting Bonuses: these bonuses apply to materials refined and items crafted in the Royal Cities. Here are the items that have crafting bonuses in each Royal City and zone type:

City Refining Crafting
Weapons Armors
Martlock (Highland) Hide Axe, Quarterstaff, Frost Staff, Off-Hand Plate Boots
Bridgewatch (Steppe) Stone Crossbow, Dagger, Cursed Staff Plate Armor, Cloth Sandals
Lymhurst (Forest) Fiber Sword, Bow, Arcane Staff Leather Hood, Leather Shoes
Fort Sterling (Mountain) Wood Hammer, Spear, Holy Staff Cloth Robe, Plate Helmet
Thetford (Swamp) Ore Mace, Nature Staff, Fire Staff Leather Jacket, Cloth Cowl

The tables below detail the base and focus resource return rates.

Location RRR With Focus
Royal City with Bonus 36.7% 53.9%
Royal City 15.2% 43.5%
Royal Island with Bonus 28.5% 49.7%
Royal Island 0% 37.1%
Black Zone Hideout 20% 46%
Location RRR With Focus
Royal City with Bonus 24.8% 47.9%
Royal City 15.2% 43.5%
Royal Island with Bonus 13% 42.5%
Royal Island 0% 37.1%
Black Zone Hideout 25% 48%

Focus Cost Efficiency

Crafting focus costs can be reduced by attaining a higher mastery level to the required skill. The crafting focus cost is halved for every 10,000 focus cost efficiency points.source. With all of the relevant masteries maxed, the focus cost can be reduced all the way down to 6.25% of the base focus cost.

Base Refining Focus Cost
Tier Common Uncommon Rare Exceptional
T2 10 N/A N/A N/A
T3 24 N/A N/A N/A
T4 48 89 143 239
T5 89 160 269 461
T6 160 284 487 844
T7 284 500 866 1,508
T8 500 877 1,527 2,666
Base Refining Focus Cost (Stone)
Tier Common Uncommon Rare Exceptional
T2 ? N/A N/A N/A
T3 20 N/A N/A N/A
T4 48 96 192 384
T5 89 178 356 712
T6 160 320 640 1,280
T7 284 568 1,136 2,272
T8 500 1,000 2,000 4,000

Focus Cost of Crafting Potions with Max Spec

Healing Potions
Minor Healing Potion 8
Healing Potion 29
Major Healing Potion 103
Energy Potions
Minor Energy Potion 8
Energy Potion 29
Major Energy Potion 103
Gigantify Potions
Minor Gigantify Potion 8
Gigantify Potion 40
Major Gigantify Potion 137
Resistance Potions
Minor Resistance Potion 8
Resistance Potion 40
Major Resistance Potion 171
Sticky Potions
Minor Sticky Potion 8
Sticky Potion 40
Major Sticky Potion 171
Poison Potions
Minor Poison Potion 11
Poison Potion 51
Major Poison Potion 171
Invisibility Potion
Invisibility Potion 171
Potato Schnapps 1
Corn Hooch 1
Pumpkin Moonshine 1

*Actual values less than 1.