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General Information

There are several different kinds of food and two primary uses for it: Nutrition and player buffs.

Nutrition: Nutrition is needed to maintain guild territories as well as crafting stations. If a guild territory runs out of food, that guild loses ownership of it. If a crafting building runs out of food, players will be unable to use it until more food is added.

The amount of Nutrition granted when food is supplied depends on its type and tier. Every building has a favorite food; when a building's favorite food is supplied, the Nutrition gain is doubled. Adding food to a building is done in its Management Panel.

Nutrition is consumed when using a building's services and over time for guild territories.

Player buff: When a player consumes food, they gain a buff that lasts 30 minutes. The type and potency of the buff is determined by the type and tier of the consumed food. Players can "equip" food on their Inventory screen for quick access via the spell bar.

Food Archetypes

There are several archetypes of food that players can cook, each with different effects. A specific dish can provide one or more of the effects within its archetype.

  • Omelette: Increases Cast Speed, Cooldown Rate, or Defense. Reduces Energy Costs.
  • Pie: Improves Gathering Yield, Max Load, and Crowd Control Resistance.
  • Salad: Increases Fishing Speed, Crafting Speed, and Crafting Quality.
  • Sandwich: Increases maximum Health, Healing Received, and Crowd Control Duration.
  • Soup: Increases Health Regeneration and Energy Regeneration.
  • Stew: Improves Combat Damage, Cooldown Rate, and Health Regeneration.
  • Roast: Used to heal for a percentage of damage dealt and increase maximum Health.