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The Albion Online Forums are the center of community interaction. Regular updates and information from the developers are posted on the forums. Any player can log in to the Forum, here, using the email account they used when creating their Albion Online account and their password, and by filling in a Capcha. After the log-in on the homepage a player can create new threads, post, and like other posts, as well as customize their profile and initiate conversations with other forum members.

Newly created accounts can only post in the Beginner's Questions section for a duration of (?) for spam-protection reasons.

The forum account name chosen will reserve the same character name in-game if it does not exist yet. (need confirmation)


different tags below a users avatar exist

  • blue: developer
  • grey: member with different ranks.

Forum Ranks

Forum ranks are based on a point system:

  • 0 - 300 points - Recruit
  • 300 - 900 points - Guardsman
  • 900 - 3,000 points - Officer
  • 3,000 - 9,000 points - Warmaster
  • 9,000+ points - Master of Coin

You get 10 points for making a new thread, 5 for each post and 1 for each like you get.[1]