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Prior to the official release in 2017, Albion Online offered three tiers of Founder's Packs to players. If players purchased the Founder's Pack prior to release, they also received all the mounts and equipment items included in the Starter Pack of that respective tier.

Please note, the Founder's Packs are no longer available for sale in the Albion Online Shop.

Veteran Founder's Pack

Epic Founder's Pack

Legendary Founder's Pack

  • Access to Alpha and Beta (2014 - 2015)
  • Founder's Certificate
  • Legendary Founder's Pack Gold Portrait Border
  • Legendary Founder's Pack Avatar
  • Gold Founder's Nametag
  • Legendary Explorer's Armor
  • Legendary Founder's Statue
  • Explorer's Spyglass
  • Explorer's House
  • Explorer's Mounts (Oxe and Horse)
  • Gold: 12,000
  • Premium Time: 90 Days
  • Cost: $99.95 USD