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General Information

Energy Cost 27 Deals 279 magical damage, and increases the enemy's damage taken by 23.077% for 5s.
Cast Time 1.5s
Range 11m
Cooldown 10s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power. Affected values are in bold.


Magic Weapon
Elder's Arcane Staff
Elder's Enigmatic Staff
Elder's Evensong
Elder's Great Arcane Staff
Elder's Malevolent Locus
Elder's Occult Staff
Elder's Witchwork Staff

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9Added four new icons to better represent the corresponding abilities:
  • Blood Bandit (One-Handed Axe, E-slot)
  • Protective Beam (Enigmatic Staff, E-slot)
  • Arcane Orb (One-Handed Arcane Staff, E-slot)
  • Ground Shaker (Maces, W-slot)
20 February 2019Nimue Balance Patch (Patch #7)Arcane Staffs
  • Frazzle (all Arcane Staffs)
    • Damage Taken Increased: 40% → 30%
  • Time Freeze (Great Arcane Staff)
    • The freeze can't be cleansed anymore
    • Duration: 3.5s → 3s
10 October 2018Merlyn Season 4 Patch
  • The standtime for Frazzle (Arcane Staff) has been reduced from 0.4s to 0s (i.e. eliminated) as intended
  • 26 September 2018Merlyn Preseason Balance PatchArcane Staffs:
    • Energy Bolt (all Arcane Staffs)
      • Standtime: 0.4s → 0s
    • Frazzle (all Arcane Staffs)
      • Standtime: 0.4s → 0s
      • Cast Range: 9m → 11m
    • Arcane Orb (normal Arcane Staff)
      • Projectile Speed: 5.75 m/s → 14.3 m/s
    1 February 2018Kay Patch #3
  • Arcane Protection:
    • If the target wears any plate armor, the target's threat generation is doubled. If the target wears any other armor, the target's threat generation is halved.
  • Energy Bolt:
    • The ability is now an active spell that damages enemies. Damage dealt is based on the target's remaining energy.
  • Frazzle:
    • Cast Time: 1.2s -> 1.5s
    • Cooldown: 0s -> 10s
    • Damage: 91.99 -> 103.11
    • No longer reduces resistances; instead increases the target's damage taken by 40%.
    • Debuff Duration: 7s -> 5s
    • Energy Cost: 4 -> 9
  • Empowering Beam:
    • Tick Interval: 0.3s -> 0.25s (this means the beam stacks up faster)
    • Max Channel Duration: 7.5s -> 5s
  • Energy Beam:
    • Can now also be cast on allies. When cast on allies it restores their energy.
    • Enemy energy loss: 6.30 -> 5.20
  • 27 September 2017Joseph Update
    • Frazzle:
      • Added a AR/MR Shredding
      • Energycost: 5 -> 4
      • Cast Time: 1.5s -> 1.2s