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Friends List

Friends List is a list of friends similar to guild members list.

After the player accepts friend request, player will be able to see if they are online and you will also be notified when they log in or out. By default, this will appear in the General Chat written in yellow as a system text.

This system notification can be added to any of the chat tabs. The same rule applies to guild-mates.

There are two ways to sort players: by the date they were last online or alphabetically.

Adding Players

You can add other players as friends to your Friends List. Your friend will receive a notification that you wish to add them as a friend and will have the option to accept or decline your request.

To open your Friends List, press the icon on your UI (top right) or use the Hot-Key "O", hit the plus button at the bottom of the tab, and type in the character name you'd like to add.

You may also right-click on the name of the character in chat, and select the "Invite Friend" button.

The friend list has a limit of 150 players.