Frost Bomb

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Frost Bomb

An active ability found on the second slot of Frost Staffs.

It is unlocked at mastery level 1.

Frost Bomb
Energy Cost 28 Places an explosive frost bomb which will detonate shortly after impact, dealing 462 magical damage in a 5m radius, and reducing the move speed of every affected enemy by 20% for 6.95s.
Cast Time instant
Range 11m
Cooldown 10s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power.


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9Added four new icons to better represent the corresponding abilities:
  • Blood Bandit (One-Handed Axe, E-slot)
  • Protective Beam (Enigmatic Staff, E-slot)
  • Arcane Orb (One-Handed Arcane Staff, E-slot)
  • Ground Shaker (Maces, W-slot)
20 June 2018Lancelot Patch #9Frost Staffs
  • Frost Bomb (all Frost Staffs)
    • Hit Delay: 2s → 1.6s
  • Frost Nova (all Frost Staffs)
    • Hit Delay: 0.2s → 0s
    • Now completely freezes enemies (Frozen enemies can't attack or cast)
    • Freeze Duration: 2.44s → 1.26s
  • Avalanche (Hoarfrost Staff)
    • Cast Time: 1s → 0.7s
  • Frozen Hell (Icicle Staff)
    • Cast Time: 1s → 0s
    • Standtime: 0.2s → 0.4s
  • Ice Crystal (Permafrost Prism)
    • Damage vs mobs: 184.69 → 253.70