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Albion Online's Game Settings consists of 12 different menus, which can be individually adjusted to the player's personal preferences and system. To access Game Settings, select the cog in the top right of your screen. This will bring you to a drop-down menu where you may select Game Settings.

Each Settings menu has a reset button in the bottom right corner which enables players to always restore specific settings pages to their default values.


  • Display: Fullscreen, Window, Borderless Fullscreen Window
  • Resolution: Ranging from 1024x768 up to 6880x2880
  • Frame Rate Limit: Off, 30, 60, 100, 120, 200
  • Vertical Sync: Toggle
  • Skip Intro Video: Toggle
  • Quality:
    Video settings: quality
    • Visual Quality: Low, Medium, High, Ultra, Custom
    • Prefab Quality: Low, Medium, High, Ultra
    • Shadows: Off, Medium, High
    • Shadow Resolution: Medium, High, Ultra
    • Number of Shadow Cascades: Low, Medium, High
    • Shadow Distance: Low, Medium, High, Ultra
    • Show Effects: Off, Self, All
    • Animation Quality: Low, Medium, High
    • Shader Quality: Medium, Ultra
    • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion: Off, Low, Medium, High, Ultra
    • Anti-Aliasing: Off, Low, Medium, High
    • Antisotropic Texture Filtering: Toggle
    • Window Animations: Toggle
    • Obscured Character Highlighting: Toggle
    • Camera Shake: Toggle
    • Bloom: Toggle
Audio Settings
Name Tags Settings
Mouse Control Settings


  • Master Volume may be adjusted between 0 and 100%
  • Music, Sound Effects, and Ambience sound levels may be adjusted between 0 to 100%.


Interface settings
  • Spell indication areas:
    • Enemy damage
    • Ally damage
    • Enemy heals
    • Ally heals
  • Spell indicator intensity: Player may adjust from 0 to 100%
  • Information:
    • Warnings before entering PvP areas
    • Force Combat mode: When in combat mode, you cannot click on objects that are not combat-relevant, such as resources
    • Auto Target Aggressor: If you get attacked while having no target selected, the attacker automatically becomes your target)
    • When buying items on the Auction House, select full-stack by default: Toggle


HUD Settings
  • General HUD Settings:
    • HUD Size (scaling): 80% for desktop / 100% for tablet
    • Position of Spell Bar: Spells on bottom / Spells on right
  • Information:
    • Damage Numbers
    • Only Player-Related Damage Numbers
    • Speech Bubbles
    • Show Harvestable Tooltip
    • Show Mob Health bars
Social Settings

Name Tags

  • Your Name Tag: Players may select to see their Name, Hit Points or Guild Name
  • Guild & Alliance Members: Players may select to see Guild or Alliance Name, Hit Points or Guild Name
  • All Other Players: Players may select to see Name, Hit Points or Guild Name
  • Nametag Types: Big (standard) or Small
  • Show Offscreen Nametags: Toggle that displays nametags of nearby characters at the edge of the screen
  • Show Target Markers: Toggle that displays target markers of your party above the target's head

Mouse Control

  • Mouse Control Scheme: Select between Classic Controls / RTS-like Controls
  • Spell Casting: Select between Normal Spell Cast, Quick Cast on Button Press and Quick Cast on Button Release
  • Double press to attack: Toggle that will enable the first press to select the target and the second press to attack the target (this only works with Classic Controls)

Key Bindings

Key Bindings Settings

All in-game commands can be bound to different keys based on the Player's preference & keyboard lay-out. The bold keys are the default key-binds.

  • Interface commands:
    • Close All Windows: ESC
    • Toggle Inventory: I
    • Toogle Destiny Board: B
    • Toogle Region Map: N
    • Toogle World Map: M
    • Toogle Guild UI: G
    • Toogle Build UI: H
    • Toogle Hide GUI: Alt + H
    • Toogle Social UI: O
    • Toogle Faction Info: Shift + F
  • Gameplay:
    • Attack Current Target: Space
    • Deselect Target: Alt + S
    • Select Self: Ctrl + S
    • Select Party Member 1: F1
    • Select Party Member 2: F2
    • Select Party Member 3: F3
    • Select Party Member 4: F4
    • Select Party Member 5: F5
    • Select Party Member 6: F6
    • Select Party Member 7: F7
    • Select Party Member 8: F8
    • Select Party Member 9: F9
    • Select Party Member 10: F10
    • Select Party Member 11: F11
    • Select Party Member 12: F12
    • Select Party Member 13: 3
    • Select Party Member 14: 4
    • Select Party Member 15: 5
    • Select Party Member 16: 6
    • Select Party Member 17: 7
    • Select Party Member 18: 8
    • Select Party Member 19: 9
    • Select Party Member 20: 0
    • Show Match Stats by Holding Down: Tab
    • Stop Any Actions: S
    • Toogle Force Combat Mode: Ctrl + K
    • Auto Run: NumLock
    • Send Ping at Your Current Position: P
    • Select Marked Target 1: None
    • Select Marked Target 2: None
    • Select Marked Target 3: None
    • Select Marked Target 4: None
    • Select Marked Target 5: None
    • Select Marked Target 6: None
    • Use Marker 1: None
    • Use Marker 2: None
    • Use Marker 3: None
    • Use Marker 4: None
    • Use Marker 5: None
    • Use Marker 6: None
    • Unmark Target: None
  • Emotes:
    • Select an Emote: None (players may select from a drop-down menu an Emote to hotkey. There are hotkeys available for six different Emotes)
  • Notifications Settings
    Action bar:
    • Main Hand Spell Slot 1: Q
    • Main Hand Spell Slot 1(Cast on Myself): Alt + Q
    • Main Hand Spell Slot 2: W
    • Main Hand Spell Slot 2 (Cast on Myself): Alt + W
    • Main Hand Spell Slot 3: E
    • Main Hand Spell Slot 3 (Cast on Myself): Alt + E
    • Head Spell Slot: D
    • Head Spell Slot (Cast on Myself): Alt + D
    • Armor Spell Slot: R
    • Armor Spell Slot (Cast on Myself): Alt + R
    • Shoes Spell Slot: F
    • Shoes Spell Slot (Cast on Myself): Alt + F
    • Potion Spell Slot: 1
    • Food Spell Slot: 2
    • Mount/Exit Dungeon: A
    • Overcharge: Shift + 0
Overcharge Settings


  • Notifications:
    • Friend list Notifications: Toggle
  • Invitations:
    • Auto-Deny Duel Requests: Toggle
    • Auto-Deny Party Invites: Toggle
    • Auto-Deny Guild Invites: Toggle
    • Auto-Deny Trade Invites: Toggle
    • Auto-Deny Training Match Invites (GvG Scrims): Toggle
  • Reset Party User Interface: Toggle
  • Reset Chat
  • Reset Party UI


  • Show for Yourself: Always (Default), Only in safe areas
  • Show for Guild, Alliance or Party: Always (Default), Only in safe areas
  • Show for Opponents: Always (Default), only in safe areas


Overcharge options can be modified so that specific pieces of your equipment get overcharged when activating the ability. Options include:

  • Main Hand
  • Off-Hand
  • Head
  • Chest
  • Shoes


Notifications can be toggled for various tutorials & warning menus. Notifications include:

  • Item has unselected spells
  • Marketplace quick buy confirmation
  • Bank Warning
  • Auction House Warning
  • Farm Tutorial
  • Adventurer's Challenge Introduction


  • Game language may be changed between:
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
Language Settings
  • Date Format:
    • Month/Day/Year
    • Day.Month.Year
    • Day/Month/Year
    • Year-Month-Day