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Ganking is the act of ambushing other players in an unfair fight and killing them for fame, gear, or your personal enjoyment.

Ganking in Albion

Ganking normally ranges from one person to however many can fit in a party. Many gank groups can be seen roaming the Black zones of Albion on a variety of fast mounts and different gear sets. Many groups focus on having builds that will slow down/stun/root their targets, giving the maximum chance for the group to catch up and deal damage to their targeted player. This can be widely seen in the Black zones as well as in the Red zones immediately surrounding any Royal City. Caerleon, being one of the most popular cities in the game, attracts many players that are actively flagged for PvP in all surrounding zones.

Ganking has three group sizes that are followed; solo gankers, small groups of around 2-7 players, and larger groups. Usually, groups split up to survey the zone and look for easy targets, then engage their target while their other party members close in. Some groups will also wait on entrances to zones or crossroads lying in wait for a passerby. Sometimes, when a group waits in one spot, a scout is placed ahead of the group, and then warns the group when a potential victim is spotted. The scout and their group will then use an invisibility spell and ambush the target as they pass by unaware. Large groups typically use faster mounts such as Direwolves and Moabirds.

Ganking in Albion has a few popular main requirements for builds.

  • Mobility
    • Having Sprint or rush on one's boots will greatly increase their chance to catch + chase their targeted player. Soldier Boots are popular for Wanderlust, giving players the maximum speed to catch and chase someone running from them while mounted or dismounted. Dash on Daggers are another way to increase mobility as it provides an instant boost towards or away from another player.
  • Sustainability
    • Not all players in Albion will be wearing Gathering Gear; many players will have normal gear and will be roaming, soloing mobs, or also ganking. Being able to recover health and have a form of defense against damage is very important to surviving your encounter with another player. A few basic gear sets are as follows:
      • Hunter Hood gives Retaliate: a magical barrier which reflects 70% of incoming damage back at the attacker, and increases your resistances by 53, for four seconds. This will provide extra damage as your target fights back against you, as well as boost your resistances against them.
      • Mercenary Jacket gives Bloodlust which will heal you for the lower of eight seconds or 9 hits of direct damage. This is best used with weapons that hit enemies many times over a small period with direct damage, such as Cursed Staffs, Axes, and Daggers.
  • Damage
  • Ambush Orientation

Defending Yourself Against Gankers

There are multiple factors that can aid in staying alive and decreasing chances of dying to gankers while gathering and doing other open-world activities in Albion.

  • Mobility
    • Mobility is very important when trying to evade gankers, Wanderlust is a very solid choice for nearly any kind of Gathering Gear + Soldier Boots, it builds stacks of speed which will allow you to run away from gankers in the event of being dismounted. Ambush is a good choice for the chest piece, turning you invisible for 8 seconds. A good combination to use would be to 'F' Wanderlust and then 'R' Ambush, allowing you to build stacks while invisible then running at a heightened speed by the time your attacker can decide where you ran to, this is a good opportunity to run in an unpredictable direction. Choosing a weapon with high mobility is also recommended; Bloodletter + Mistcaller is a very popular choice for its double Dash, with Dash on both the 'W' and the 'E' ability. Another popular choice is the Double Bladed Staff.
  • Mount
    • Many people gather on Oxen in blue zones, but it is not always wise to use these mounts in PvP zones. Oxen will increase your carrying capacity exponentially, but they will also reduce your ability to escape gankers due to their slow movement speed.
    • Riding horses and rare mounts with increased speed and some increased carrying capacity are also popular and generally easier to escape gankers on than Oxen. The problem with these mounts is that they can be expensive to lose, and when you get dismounted from any mounts with increased carrying capacity you may become over-encumbered and be unable to run away at normal speeds.
    • Armored horses are cheap, have decent hit-points, and are faster than most mounts that grant extra carrying capacity, but sacrifice the ability to carry more weight when gathering.
  • Potions
    • Major Gigantify Potion: Useful when escaping through mobs or when the extra health is necessary to survive.
    • Major Poison Potion: Useful when turning on someone while being ganked, providing extra damage to fight your attacker.
    • Invisibility Potion: A more expensive option, but useful for the extra invisibility to change directions.
    • Major Healing Potion: Useful to regenerate health when fighting your attacker or running away.