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General Information

Each gathering profession: Harvester, Lumberjack, Miner, Quarrier, Skinner, and Fisherman, has its own equipment with a number of spells to help players in various ways. These gathering gear sets focus mainly on survivability and escape, while also granting passive bonuses to your gathering yield. Unlike traditional combat armors, gathering gear does not require kill fame from mobs to level, but instead levels with your gathering tool.

The Basics

Each set consists of four items: a Cap, Garb, Workboots, and Backpack. These items are unlocked simultaneously with the gathering tool itself through the gatherer line on the Destiny Board starting with Tier 4. For example: to unlock the Tier 5 Lumberjack set you will need to unlock the Expert (Tier 5) Lumberjack node.  Your mastery with that tier tool will improve your mastery with the gear.

The Backpack, which goes into the cape slot, has a passive ability that reduces the weight of resources of the same tier and below by 30%.

The Cap, Garb, and Workboots each have one passive spell that increases gathering yield for their respective resource. This means you will have a greater chance to get extra resources when gathering while you have a gathering gear set equipped. The bonus gathering yield increases with every Tier.

When equipping an entire set, your gathering yield of the corresponding tier of resources and below is increased by:

  • Tier 4: 10% increased gathering yield
  • Tier 5: 20% increased gathering yield
  • Tier 6: 30% increased gathering yield
  • Tier 7: 50% increased gathering yield
  • Tier 8: 70% increased gathering yield

Harvester Set

The Harvester Set is used to gather Fiber which can then be refined into Cloth at a Weaver.

Lumberjack Set

The Lumberjack Set is used to gather Logs which can then be refined into Wood Planks at a Lumbermill.

Miner Set

The Miner Set is used to gather Ore which can then be refined into Metal Ingots at a Smelter.

Quarrier Set

The Quarrier Set is used to gather Raw Stone which can then be refined into Stone Blocks at a Stonemason.

Skinner Set

The Skinner Set is used to gather Animal Hide which can then be refined into Leather at a Tanner.

Fisherman Set

The Fisherman Set is used to gather Fish and other manners of aquatic life. Fishing is unique in that you are able to fish decorations and black market loot out of the water including Runes and Tomes of Insight.

For a comprehensive list containing possible items, see: Fishing