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General Information

Glaives are Normal Spears with a strong focus on AoE melee attacks, and additional options for single-target damage, increased single target damage, and crowd control.


Item Tier
Adept's Glaive 4
Expert's Glaive 5
Master's Glaive 6
Grandmaster's Glaive 7
Elder's Glaive 8

First Slot Abilities

Q Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Lunging Strike Stab enemies in front of you. Any enemy hit will suffer 215 damage, and be slowed by 10% for 4.57s. Each enemy hit will apply a Spirit Spear Charge to you, which will increase your normal attack damage by 35% for 8s. (Stacks up to 3 times.)
9 Instant 8m 3s
Spirit Spear Increases your normal attack range by 30%, and normal attack damage by 35%, for 8s. (Stacks up to 3 times.)

If you reapply the spell on maximum stacks, you lose an additional 9 energy. (This effect also stacks up to 3 times.)

9 Instant Self 2s

Second Slot Abilities

W Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Forest of Spears Repeatedly attacks enemies in a cone in front of you, dealing 110 physical damage every 0.3s, up to 8 times.
37 Channeled 11m 15s
Inner Focus Focus your inner strength on the battlefield and channel for up to 1.6s. Each 0.2s, you will increase your damage by 4%, your crowd control duration by 4%, and your movement speed by 5%. (Stacks up to 10 times.) Your Inner Focus will last for 6s.
40 Channeled Self 15s
Speed Shot Makes a crippling attack. Deals 323 damage, and slows by 15% for 7.62s. If the target has a move speed buff active, the buff will be removed and your own move speed increases by 50% for 5s.
18 Instant Melee 20s
Deflecting Spin Spin your weapons as a shield for up to 3.5s. While channeling, your resistances are increased by 151, and you reflect 80% of the incoming damage. Additionally restores 5 energy every 0.5s.
15 Channeled Self 10s
Impaler After 0.4s a giant spear will pierce through the ground. The 2.5m radius impact area deals 427 physical damage and slows enemies by 50% and 4.57s.
30 Instant 12m 12s

Third Slot Ability

E Slot
Image Name Description
Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown
Fling Flings an enemy behind you, and deals physical damage based on the number of Spirit Spear stacks active.

Zero charges: 169 damage

One charge: 270 damage

Two charges: 406 damage

Three charges: 575 damage

50 Instant Melee 15s

Passive Abilities

Passive Slot
Image Name Description
Slow Poison Every normal attack slows creatures by 40%, and players by 10%, for 1.69s
Life Leech Receive 15% of your normal attack damage as Life Steal
Aggressive Rush Every 4 normal attacks, all your damage gets increased by 7% for 3s
Attack Speed Every 6 normal attacks, you gain an Attack Speed Bonus of 40% for 3s.