Global Discount

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Global Discount

When the gold price on the market is below 3000, a Global Discount on silver costs is active, the percentage of discount is proportionate to the price of gold, and the cheaper the price of gold, the higher the discount.


What is it for?

A silver pool is built out of the silver sinks (repair, transmutation, quality improvements) which remove some excessive gold from the market. In plain terms, this means a discount on anything that requires silver.

For example, it can be seen in the image above that, with a 4.74% global discount, an island upgrade cost worth 1,875,000 silver was reduced by 88,875 to only 1,786,125‬ silver. While this is just one example, global discounts remain the same for most activities that require silver. The global discount is negatively proportional to the current gold price, and the formula to calculate it is as follows:

[math]\displaystyle{ {Global\ Discount}=(1-{{gold\ price} \over 3000})*100\% }[/math]

Or, in simpler terms:

Gold price % of discount
3000 0
1500 50
0 100


Before the Queen update

Before the queen update the current gold price must be below 1500 silver for players to receive a global discount, this would mean that back in those days it would have been harder to get a discount.