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General Information

Gold is an in-game currency in Albion Online

  • Gold is introduced into the economy by purchasing from the Albion Online Shop or by trading Silver for Gold via the in-game Gold Exchange
    • For more information on trading gold such as limits, see: Gold Exchange
  • Gold may be traded for Silver and it cannot be lost, dropped, or stored in player banks
  • Gold (or its equivalence in Silver) is used to purchase Premium account status and obtain Vanity items
  • When it is used for a Vanity item, the Gold is permanently removed from the player-driven economy.
  • Previous to the Free to Play released on April 10, 2019, Gold could also be earned by referring new players that purchased Founders Packs
  • Gold is Account Wide, meaning that any of your characters have access to the gold. This allows players to transfer Silver to other characters without the assistance of others.

Purchasing Gold

Gold can be purchased directly in the following packages via the Albion Online Shop.

Gold Amount USD Cost USD Per Gold Discount
800 $4.95 $0.0063 0%
1,600 + 100 Bonus $9.95 $0.0059 6%
3,200 + 300 Bonus $19.95 $0.0057 9%
8000 + 1000 Bonus $49.95 $0.0056 11%
16,000 + 3,000 Bonus $99.95 $0.0053 16%

Note: "Discount" is calculated in comparison to 800 gold ($4.95) package.

Gold Usage: Premium

The core difference compared to most other games: you can actually acquire Premium Status with the in-game currency Silver

You can also obtain the Premium currency, Gold, by trading with other players without having to spend real money

Premium Status is awarded on a per-character basis

Premium Time can be purchased with Gold at the following rates:

Time USD Cost Gold Price Gold per Day Discount
1 Month $14.95 3,750 125 0%
3 Months $13.95 10,500 117 6%
6 Months $12.95 19,500 108 13%
12 Months $11.95 36,000 100 20%

Note: "Discount" is calculated in comparison to 1 month(Gold Price * 100 / (3750 * Quantity of months)). / "USD Cost" is calculated per month

Redeeming a Gold Code

If you receive a code to redeem for gold (the format is 25 alphanumeric characters), you will need to go the "New Keys" part of your profile page to redeem.