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Gold is a premium currency in Albion Online. Gold is introduced into the economy by purchase with a real-world currency such as the U.S. Dollar (USD). Once obtained, Gold can be traded for Silver and it cannot be lost or dropped as loot. Gold is used to purchase Premium account status and obtain vanity items, permanently removing it from the economy.

Until 10th of April 2019 (free to play release) Gold could also be earned by referring new players that purchased Founder Packs.

Players can exchange in game currency (Silver) for gold on the Gold Market. The exchange rate varies depends on the current market price.

Premium Time

Premium time can be purchased with Gold at the following rates:

Time Gold Price Gold per Day Discount
1 Month 2,500 83 0%
3 Months 6,000 67 20%
6 Months 11,000 61 27%
12 Months 19,000 53 37%

Note: "Discount" is calculated in comparison to 1 month (83 gold per day of premium time).

Purchasing Gold

Gold can be purchased directly in the following packages via the Albion Online Shop.

Gold Amount USD Cost USD Per Gold Discount
750 $4.95 $0.0066 0%
1,750 $9.95 $0.0057 14%
3,750 $19.95 $0.0053 19%
10,000 $49.95 $0.0050 24%
21,000 $99.95 $0.0048 28%

Note: "Discount" is calculated in comparison to 750 gold ($4.95) package.

Redeeming a Gold Code

If you receive a code to redeem for gold (the format is 25 alphanumeric characters), you will need to go the "SHOP" tab on your profile page to redeem.

Vanity Items

A few cosmetic items can be traded for gold at the Vanity Merchant.

Item Price
Royal Blue Fireworks 100 gold
Royal Green Fireworks 200 gold
Royal Red Fireworks 500 gold
Royal Yellow Fireworks 300 gold
Guild Banner on Fabric 100 gold
Guild Banner on Shield 100 gold
Guild Banner on Fabric 400 gold
Guild Banner on Shield 400 gold
Guild Banner on Fabric 1000 gold
Guild Banner on Shield 1000 gold
Guild Banner on Fabric 2000 gold
Guild Banner on Shield 2000 gold
Bridal Veil 350 gold
Bridal Dress 700 gold
Bridal Shoes 350 gold
Bridal Bouquet 350 gold
Groom Hat 350 gold
Groom Suit 700 gold
Groom Shoes 350 gold
Groom Cape 350 gold
Wedding Ring 350 gold
Warhorse Price
Expert's Warhorse 25 gold + Expert's Armored Horse
Master's Warhorse 50 gold + Master's Armored Horse
Grandmaster's Warhorse 100 gold + Grandmaster's Armored Horse
Elder's Warhorse 200 gold + Elder's Armored Horse