Gold Phalanx Beetle

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Gold Phalanx Beetle

Battle Mount - Heavily reinforced mount, specialized in breaking enemy assaults.
79.7 kg
Item value

Gold Phalanx Beetle

A Gold Phalanx Beetle is a Tier 7 mount.

  • The Gold Phalanx Beetle was received as a Season Reward for Gold Rank guild members at the end of GvG Season 13


Tier Item Power Mount Hit Points Weight Move Speed Bonus Gallop Move Speed Bonus Armor Magical Resistance CC Resistance Max Load
7.0 1000 8954 79.7kg 10% 10% 296 349 313 496kg

Gold Phalanx Beetle has three fighting abilities and one for movement. Those abilities are similar to every Phalanx Beetle (any damage is different).

Arrow Volley
Energy Cost 0 Shoot a volley of arrows at the target location, dealing 18 physical damage and reducing healing received by 14% for 13s. (Stacks up to 3 times)
Cast Time 0.5s
Range 16m
Radius 12m
Cooldown 2s

Energy Cost 0 Drop to the ground and take cover, increasing your Defense vs. Players by 505 while channeling for 3s. Reflect 50% of the damage taken.

Decrease damage resistances of enemies you reflected damage to by 46 for 3s. Deal 9 physical damage every 1s in a 6.5m radius. If the target is affected by Arrow Volley the damage increases to 22.

Cast Time 0.5s
Range 0m
Cooldown 8s

Energy Cost 44 Shoot all arrows and spears at your disposal in all directions while channeling for 5.1s (can't be interrupted).

Consumes all Arrow Volley Charges from all enemies in a 18m radius around you at the beginning of the channel. Deals physical damage to enemy players every 0.5s and slows all enemies within a 11m radius. The strength of these effects is based on the number of Arrow Volley Charges consumed.

  • Charges: 0 : 2 : 4 : 6 : 8
  • Damage: 22 : 33 : 44 : 66 : 99
  • Slow: 10% : 20% : 30% : 40% : 50%

Your own Move Speed is reduceed by 60^ for the duration of the channel.

Cast Time 0.3s
Range 0m
Cooldown 25s

Battle Mount Gallop
Energy Cost 0 Start to gallop, increasing your Move Speed by 110%.

Silences you while galloping. Lasts 4s after you stop galloping.

The ability lasts up to 10m 00s but can be deactivated earlier. The ability will be interrupted if you take damage.

Cast Time 0s
Range self
Cooldown 0s



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Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
  • Raven Scream and Reactive Scream (Morgana Raven):
    • No longer inflict Fear on mounted enemies
27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • For each mount type (horse, armored horse, ox etc), the walking speed is now the same for all mounts of that type, but the total speed while galloping remains unchanged
    • For example, after this change an Elder's Horse has the same galloping speed as before, but has the walking speed that an Expert's Horse had before; an Expert's Horse after the change has the same galloping speed as it had before, and the same walking speed as it had before
  • Your mount will now despawn if you are attacked by another player while you are temporarily dismounted (i.e. you are not on your mount, but it is still present in the world)
  • Ability cooldown after forced dismount: 3s -> 1s
  • Mount cooldown : 20s -> 30s