Grandmaster's Bed

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General Information

A Grandmaster's Bed is a tier 7 piece of furniture that will add happiness to Laborers and increase maximum residents in house by 1

There are different tiers of beds which give happiness to Laborers

Most beds are available by crafting at the Toolmaker or by purchase on the Market Place

Grandmaster's Bed adds +100 happiness to 1 Laborer

A bed must be placed for each Laborer contained in the building in order to gain happiness

A building may not contain a bed of a tier higher than itself (i.e. the bed must be the same tier or lower than the building)

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Grandmaster's Bed, players will need Silver and the following materials:

Grandmaster's Bed
Material Tier 7.0
Ashenbark Planks 10
Opulent Cloth 20

Additional Types of Beds