Grandmaster's Relic

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Grandmaster's Relic

A Grandmaster's Relic can be obtained:

Dropped By

Re-rolling / Melding

Relics can be melded at the Artifact Foundry in Cities (image) into Artifacts used for crafting rare items. This is usually known as rolling artifacts.

Players can choose to either pay 50 relic and choose between rolling a Warrior, Mage, or Hunter artifact or pay 36 relic and roll within all 3 categories The following artifacts can be obtained by melting souls:

* Warrior

* Mage

* Hunter


Grandmaster's Relic can be used to enchant normal adept items (flat) into uncommon (7.3) items at the Artifact Foundry.


Transmute is used to upgrade the relic to the next tier Artifact Foundry

  Grandmaster's Relic =   Elder's Relic