Groom Suit

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Groom Suit

Groom Suit
A Groom Suit is a tier 3 Vanity Armor. It fits in a chest slot. The Groom Suit

The Groom Suit has no active or passive abilities.

Armor +132
Magical Resistance +132
Max Hitpoints +203
Max Energy +17
CC Resistance +32
Physical Attack Bonus -
Magic Attack Bonus -
Physical Ability Bonus -
Magical Ability Bonus -
HitPoints Regeneration +2/s
HitPoints Regeneration Bonus -
Energy Regeneration +0.21/s
Energy Regeneration Bonus -
Healing Cast Bonus -
CC Duration vs. Players -
CC Duration vs Mobs -

Numerical stats are based on Normal quality and they slightly scale the higher the quality. Percentage stats stay the same regardless of quality.