Group Dungeons

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Group Dungeons

Group Dungeons are locations which can be entered through a dungeon entrance which will take you to another map. They are designed for groups of 3-5 players.

They may contain from one to five floors. They don't differ in the level of difficulty. Dungeon end with final boss, with a mark on the ground. However you may meet bosses before. Each one guards chest with prizes. Their challenges and rewards match the tier of the zone they are found in.


Hidden Entrances are the gateways to these dungeons. As their locations are not revealed on the map or minimap and are visible to all players, they bring spontaneity and unpredictability to Albion's Open World. Harder types of Hidden Entrances can also be accessed via Dungeon Maps, which offer a party first rights to an otherwise unseen entrance, that lead to dungeons of greater-than-normal difficulty and rewards.

Unlike other Randomized Dungeons, the instance type and Faction of the enemies inside cannot be determined from the outside.

The tier of the mobs inside of Hidden Entrances depends on the tier of the Zone the dungeon is found in. The exceptions are Hidden Entrances spawning inside of large Static Dungeons (the ones visible on the World Map); these are always one tier higher than the Static Dungeon they are located in.


There are four fractions which can be found in Group Dungeons: Hidden Mines (Heretic), Hidden Sanctum (Morgana), Hidden Keep (Undead), and Hidden Caverns (Keeper).


The most efficient way to do them is to have certain group:

  • One defense (tank)
  • Support (healer)
  • Three offensive (dps)

Entrance Appearance