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Guild halls are buildings that can be built on Guild Islands or Town Plots. On guild islands, they are useful for storage and also for placing laborers as guild halls allow up to 15 laborers to be placed and 70 furniture slots. In Black zone town plots, they are also useful as a bind point, from the sign by the front door you can access options to set a guild hall as your home. Guild halls are constructed using wood, stone, and stone blocks.

Guildhouse T1 Wood T1 Stone T1 Wood Total T1 Stone Total Blocks
T2 150 15 150 15 900 T2 Limestone
T3 300 30 450 45 900 T3 Sandstone
T4 600 60 1050 105 900 T4 Travertine
T5 1200 120 2250 225 900 T5 Granite
T6 2400 240 4650 465 900 T6 Slate
T7 4800 480 9450 945 900 T7 Basalt
T8 9600 960 19050 1905 900 T8 Marble

Additional Types of Buildings

Economy Farming Military Housing
Lumbermill Alchemist's Lab Hunter's Lodge Guild Hall
Repair Station Butcher Mage's Tower House
Smelter Cook Warrior's Forge
Stonemason Farm
Tanner Herb Garden
Toolmaker Kennel
Weaver Mill