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Here will be a Registry of Guilds in Albion.

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If you want to add your Guild, please add your information based on the format below to the talk page. (You can log in with your normal Albion Account)

Albion Guild Registry Information

Last Updated

  • Date when the entry was last updated. Format: DD/MM/YY - i.e.: 07/04/19


  • Activity status of the Guild: Yes / No.


  • Recruitment status of the Guild: Open / Closed / Invite Only.

Guid Name

  • This links to the Guilds Wiki-page if it exists, Guild Pages follow a special ruleset - please read these rules before you make your own. Name must be equal to in-game.


  • World Wide / North America / South America / Western Europe / Eastern Europe & Russia / Africa / Asia / South Asia / Oceanic / Other

Primary Language

  • The Guilds primary language.

Guild Master

  • The acting Guild Master of the Guild.

Must be a Character Name.

Diplomatic Contact

  • The acting main diplomatic officer of the Guild.

Must be a Character Name.

Recruitment Contact

  • The acting main recruitment officer of the Guild.

Must be a Character Name.

Guild Recruitment Forum Thread

  • A link to the Guilds recruitment or entertaiment thread on the Official Albion Online Forums if one exists.

(only links are permitted). Link must be titled ' Forum Thread '.

Killboard Link

  • A link to the Guilds page on the Official Albion Online Killboard.

(only links are permitted). Link must be titled ' Killboard Link '.

Albion Online Guild Registry

Albion Online Guild Registry
Last Updated (dd/mm/yy) Guild Name Active Recruiting Region Primary Language Guild Master Diplomatic Contact Recruitment Contact Guild Recruitment Forum Thread Killboard Link
07/04/19 Vendetta No Invite Only International English - Bogul - Forum Thread Killboard Link
07/04/19 BFG Yes Invite Only North America/Oceanic English FrostClaw Surlo Surlo - Killboard Link
28/05/19 Conflict Yes No North America / Eastern Europe English Starseed Starseed Deadlock3733 Forum Thread Killboard Link
18/05/19 RUSSIAN GUILD KOBb4 Rankazaur
Made In Br
16/05/19 Blue Army Pareille KingMojo MrFlako
17/05/19 The druyds Tecodine Kiasyd Salazar
17/05/19 Take Care
17/05/19 KFC Yes Yes Polish meem meem meem Killboard Link
16/05/19 Scelti Yes Invite Only World Wide English Sohrab Crisis Gunner Forum Thread Killboard Link
Bursztynowy Kartel
Hammers and Sickles
16/05/19 Awful Company Yes Yes English English GluttonySDS GluttonySDS GluttonySDS Forum Thread Killboard Link
ChernoBrasil 0Monstro 0Monstro 0Monstro
Articulo Mortis
AW Gaming MacarenaBR MacarenaBR Shinkai
Broke Boys
28/05/19 HustlinHitmans Yes Yes Spanish Norgannon Norgannon - Forum Thread Killboard Link
Yaga Czech & Slovak Cloudinka Neksar
Corona Regni Poloniae
SUN FrankSinatra FrankSinatra LetMeTakeSelfie
Valhalla GT
Tarja Preta
Killer Instinct
Vastly Surperior
16/05/19 Crimson Imperium Reborn Yes Invite Only International English Hirihito Hirihito Kirstie Form Thread Killboard Link
Hungry Vultures
Say My Metatrone
Black Flag
Bloco de Rua
Rage Control
Chosen Ones
Mind If I Roll Need
Odito Bruto
Just a Game
Albion Choppers
16/05/19 Coruscant Yes Yes English Florist Florist Florist Form Thread Killboard Link
16/05/19 Bangers Yes Yes English TheWittleGuy TheWittleGuy Mageitt Form Thread Killboard Link
16/05/19 noVision Yes Yes Italian FraGa FraGa FraGa Killboard Link
18/05/19 Overlooked Yes Yes English YourEnemy YourEnemy Kelemved Forum Thread Killboard Link
18/05/19 McD0nalds Yes Yes English ActionCompassion ActionCompassion Yun1ong Forum Thread Killboard Link
18/05/19 The Pirates Yes Yes English Hempbeard Regnaroc Hempbeard Killboard Link
18/05/19 Aegis Gratia Eternal Yes Yes English Barathorn Barathorn Barathorn Forum Thread Killboard Link
18/05/19 Till Valhalla Yes Yes English Stutterz Ragebru MadRaven Killboard Link
18/05/19 Weekend Warriorz Yes Yes English Gokuholyman Gokuholyman Gokuholyman Forum Thread Killboard Link
18/05/19 P A S O K Yes Yes Europe Greek Stayrakas3 Mparmpas Frehley Killboard Link
18/05/19 The Fleet No No Vocandin Vocandin Vocandin Forum Thread Killboard Link
18/05/19 Say My Metatrone Yes Yes French Arghun Arghun Gamlord Forum Thread Killboard Link
22/05/19 BubbleBuddies Yes Yes North America English ExarQel Abydon Abydon Forum Thread Killboard Link