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Guild UI

Guilds are an important aspect of Albion Online. Albion Online offers a plethora of activities that can be conducted as a guild. Guilds are able to claim territories and cities and attack territories and cities owned by other guilds. Guilds can have no more than 300 members and can combine with other guilds in a formal alliance system. Guilds can also purchase one guild island that is accessible to all guild members and can be used to construct buildings. All members of a guild will also have their guild crest appear on their cape and shield.

Guild UI allows players to manage their guild and shows the summary of information about GvG Season, fame gained by guild members in a week, or even a list of every guild member.


Guild UI is divided into two sections:

  • Guild Management
  • Season Overview

Guild Management

To open Guild Management player may go to the Guilds icon in the right top corner of the screen and then select the Guild Management option or use hot-key "G".

Guild Management contains seven tabs:

  • Guild Members
  • Guild Estates
  • Guild Account
  • Guild Description
  • Change Guild Logo
  • Alliance
  • Siphoned Energy

Guild Members

Guild Members (pic. 1) allows players to see every member of their guild. They can use the "search" tool to look for certain players. However, they can also sort members in two ways: online and alphabetical.

Guild Estates (pic. 2) allows players to see every estate owned by their guild. This tab includes three subtabs: Guild Island, Hideouts, Territories, and Headquarters. Players may also see the power and food level for hideouts and territories.

Guild Account (pic. 3) allows players to see their guild bank account balance and current guild tax (it is automatically paid by guild members when they pick up looted silver). They can deposit silver into the guild bank, and withdraw and change guild tax if they have the needed permission.

Guild Description (pic. 4) allows players to change the Guild Description. This tab is hidden by usual for guild members without permission. Players may use features listed below to adjust the text to match their guild the best:

  • [i]italic[/i]
  • [b]bold[/b]
  • [u]underline[/u]
  • [c]colour(white default)[/c]
  • [c][FF0000]color red[/c] - [FF0000] defines the color, it is a hex color code

Change Guild Logo (pic. 5) allows players with permission to change the guild logo. They can choose between ten background patterns, fourteen colors, and seventy guild logos. However, they can also scale the symbol and change its height. To do the change, the player must pay 3,000 gold (while creating the guild, the cost of creating the guild logo is included in the guild foundation price).

Alliance (pic. 5) is a tab where a player can see their guild alliance and invite other guilds to it. However, players can also create one (if he has the necessary permission).

Siphoned Energy (pic. 6) allows players to see information about guild siphoned energy bank balance, supply it (siphoned energy will be added to the guild bank account). Players may also see data about the siphoned energy drain (the more territories are held by the alliance to which guild belongs, the more siphoned energy is drained daily.