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Guilds are an important aspect of Albion Online. Albion Online offers a plethora of activities that can be conducted as a guild. Guilds are able to claim territories and cities and attack territories and cities owned by other guilds. Guilds can have no more than 300 members and can combine with other guilds in a formal alliance system. Guilds can also purchase one guild island that is accessible to all guild members and can be used to construct buildings. All members of a guild will also have their guild crest appear on their cape and shield.

Guild Join Cooldown

After joining a guild, a player will have a 3-day cooldown for joining a new guild. In order to prevent players from exploiting short-term drops of guild or alliance affiliation to negate the effects of Disarray (Zerg Debuff) during battles, after leaving a guild, you cannot re-enter the same guild for 72 hours. Similarly, guilds will have a 7-day cooldown for joining a new alliance, and a 3-day cooldown for leaving and re-entering the same alliance.

Guild Management

Managing the guild, its members, and its territories require silver. As such, guilds levy a tax on all silver looted from the ground by its members. The taxation rate can be modified by the guild at any time. The tax is often used to claim territories, create hideouts, and regear its players, among others. In order to better handle these tasks, guild members may be assigned ranks which allows them certain management permissions as detailed below.

Guild Ranks and Permissions

Permissions Guildmaster Right Hand Master of Coin Warmaster Officer Guardsman Member Recruit
Promote to rank below you X X X X
Demote members below your rank X X X X
Kick members below your rank X X X X
Withdraw money from guild X X X
Attack Territories X X X
Give up territory X X X X
Claim territory X X X X X
Kick members from GvG list X X X X X
Invite X X X X X