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GvG Seasons were introduced to Albion Online in December 2017 and are three month long competitive timeframes where Guilds compete against each other for the placement in the Season Rankings and for Season Points.

At the beginning of each GvG Season and two times during the season, Invaders will spawn and claim ownership of teritorries in Albion and thus all guild-ownership of those teritorries will be reset, also known as Reset Day. On reset day, after all teritorries have been claimed and fought over by the Guilds of Albion, the Season Scoring begins and guilds can earn Season Points. During the 3-month long season, there will be a reset of territory ownership once each month, that plays out just like Reset Day. The details of each Seasons dates and times can be found in the corresponding announcements on the Forum or in the articles on the previous GvG Seasons (#1, #2, #3). After the third and last reset of a Season, the points scoring will count double for the Season Rankings.

Reset Day Details

On Reset Day, teritorries will become available during specific times. (Information on which timezones become available when here)

Claim Times:

  • Territories with a primetime starting at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 UTC happen at 18:00 UTC on Saturday.
  • Territories with a primetime starting at 22:00, 23:00, 00:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 UTC happen at 01:00 UTC on Sunday.

GvG Season Scoring

At the start of each resource territory’s primetime on the first day after the Season starts, scoring is enabled for each territory.

Claiming and holding a territory during the end of a tritorries primetime will award Season Points and Siphoned Energy.

Daily Points

  • Red zone territories: 96 points
  • Anglia territories (low Outlands): 240 points
  • Cumbria territories (medium Outlands): 288 points
  • Mercia territories (high Outlands): 336 points

Season Points generated by Siphoning Mages:

  • These Mages draw the raw power from the territories, and collect it on their person before passing it on.
  • They spawn dynamically (1.5h 2h, 3h, 6h), until the maximum of four are present.
  • They position themselves around the GvG capture points in each territory.
  • They can be killed by any player from a different Alliance.
  • If you kill another Guild’s Mages, they drop some Siphoned Energy.
  • Players can also place Mages for Siphoning Energy, whether it is in their own territory or in their enemy’s.

Siphoned Energy can be withdrawn (and re-deposited) by Guild Masters and Right Hands

GvG Season Rewards

Prior to GvG Season 4 the rewards for winning a Season were:

  • First Place Winner:
    • Guild Logo displayed prominently in Caerleon and for each player when they log-in once.
    • A special glow on the Guild Icon.

Season 4 introduced more rewards for the parttaking guilds and the reward categories were split as follows:

Season 4 Rewards
Placement Mount Avatar Avatar Ring Conquerer's Hall
Top #3 Crystal War Rhino Crystal Avatar Ring that displays #1, #2 or #3 placement #1, #2 or #3 Avatar Ring Character & Guild Banner
Crystal Rank Crystal War Rhino Collectible Avatar Crystal Avatar Ring
Gold Rank Gold War Rhino Collectible Avatar Gold Avatar Ring
Silver Rank Silver War Rhino Collectible Avatar Silver Avatar Ring
Bronze Rank Bronze War Rhino Collectible Avatar Bronze Avatar Ring
Iron Rank - - Iron Avatar Ring

Season 4 also introduced the Conquerors' Hall, which is an area that is supposed to open at the end of Season 4 and it will display the winning guilds of previous seasons.

Previous GvG Seasons

The previous seasons were: