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General Information

In Albion Online, a GvG Season (Guild versus Guild), Guilds can compete and earn Season Points to participate in a ranking system also known as the Season Rankings. This mechanic was introduced into the game in December 2017.

  • GvG Seasons are three months in length
  • In between GvG Seasons, there are off-seasons lasting three weeks when guilds cannot score any points
  • During the Season, guilds may reach one of the five guild Season Rankings that currently exist in Albion: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Crystal

Invasion Day

At the beginning of each GvG Season, as well as twice during the Season, Invaders will spawn and claim ownership of all resource teritorries in Albion, resetting the ownership of all resource territories. On predetermined days all guild-ownership of resource territories will be set to unclaimed. This event is also known as Invasion Day. After all territories have been claimed and fought over by the guilds of Albion, the Season scoring begins and guilds can start earning Season Points. A detailed GvG Season schedule is published on the official forums prior to a GvG Seasons start.

Double Scoring

After the third and last Invasion Day of a Season, the scoring changes and all the points earned count double for the Season Rankings for the duration of the last month of a GvG Season.


Reward Brackets:

  • Crystal Threshold: 250.000
  • Gold Threshold: 80,000
  • Silver Threshold: 25.000
  • Bronze Threshold: 7,500
  • Iron Threshold: 1

GvG Season Scoring

Guilds can score their season points that count for the season rankings through various activities:

  • Guild Challenges: Gain progress in the guild challenge progress bar through the same activities that count towards the individual Adventurer's Challenge
  • Holding Resource Territories: The number of Season points scored at the end of each territory's prime time depends on the continent of the territory and on how long the Siphoning Mages inside the territory have been alive
  • Killing Siphoning Mages: Season points are scored on the kill of a siphoned mage in an enemy resource territory and the number of points varies based on the continent of the raided territory
  • Holding Castles and Castle Outposts: Scoring timers are either 19:00 UTC or 01:00 UTC
  • Crystal Realm GvGs: Introduced in Season 5, the participating teams' guilds will score Season points for wins, partial wins and partial losses at the end of the match
  • Killing World Bosses

Guild Challenges

  • When the Progress Bar is filled the guild receives cerain amount of season points. (from 20 up to 300)

Territory Season Points Scoring

  • At the start of each resource territory’s prime time on the first day after the Season starts, scoring is enabled for each territory
  • Claiming and holding territory during the end of a territory's prime time will award Season Points and Siphoned Energy to the Guild holding it
  • Scoring begins at the start of each resource territory’s prime time when scoring gets enabled for the first time in the season
  • Points from holding territories are scored at the end of each territory’s prime time.

Season Points Generated by Siphoning Mages

  • These mages draw the raw power from the territories and collect it on their character before passing it on
  • They spawn dynamically (1.5h 2h, 3h, 6h) until the maximum of four is present
  • They position themselves around the GvG capture points in each territory
  • They can be killed by any player from a different alliance
  • If you kill another guild’s mages, they drop Siphoned Energy
  • When killed they give Season points shared among the guilds of the players who killed them

Season Point Scoring via Castles and Castle Outposts

A guild holding a castle or castle outpost during its daily scoring timer will be rewarded with season points based on the table below.

Castle score every 6h, and Castle Outposts score every 3h.

Crystal Realm GvGs

Guilds compete in GvG matches for points that are counted towards the Season

GvG Season Rewards

Rewards are distributed to players who participate in GvG Seasons basked on their rankings at the end of the Season.

  • Season 4: Introduction of the Conquerors' Hall
  • Season 5: Introduction of the Crystal Realm battles


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9
  • Guild Season Winner popup is now only shown for up to 3 days after the season ends, and only to characters who have unlocked Expert Adventurer
30 June 2021Call to Arms Patch 8 (Season 13 Patch)
  • Congratulations to SUN, winners of Guild Season 12! Check out their brand-new statue at the entrance to Conquerors' Hall in the Royal Cities. The statue also includes guild logos of the second and third place winners, MudHouse and MAHARLIKA. Check out the new statue, visit the hall, and pay your respects to all the past winners!
  • Additionally, Season 12 statue items can now be placed as furniture.
16 June 2021Call to Arms Patch 7 (Season 13 Patch)This patch includes numerous changes for Guild Season 13, which begins on Saturday 19 June. As the next major content update later this year will focus on open-world improvements, the intention is to roll out some of these improvements now, particularly those that affect competitive guild players.
6 May 2021Call to Arms Patch 4 (Balance Patch)
  • Dramatically improved the value of artifacts in reward chests after matches. The amount of artifacts has not been reduced, increasing overall chest values drastically. Chests now contain artifacts of the following tiers exclusively:
    • Rune Artifacts: T7 or higher
    • Soul Artifacts: T6 or higher
    • Relic Artifacts: T5 or higher
    • Avalonian Artifacts: all tiers
  • Reduced Season Points for winning Level 1 matches, to make it more worthwhile to participate in Levels 2+ in comparison:
    • Season Points for winning Level 1 20v20 match: 5 → 2
  • Reduced starting points for each team to lower the overall gear cost per match, as shorter matches also means fewer casualties on both sides:
    • Starting Points per Team: 250 → 200
25 March 2021Call to Arms Patch 1
  • A new statue commemorating Black 0rder, winners of Guild Season 11, now appears at the entrance to Conquerors' Hall (located in all Royal Cities except Caerleon).
  • The statues awarded to the 1st-3rd place guilds can now be placed as furniture items.
3 March 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 15 (Season 12 Patch)Territory Season Points (amounts given daily for owned territories):
  • 240 → 300
  • 200 → 260
  • 160 → 220
  • 120 → 180
  • 80 → 140
  • 40 → 100

Castle Season Points (amounts given every six hours for owned castles):

  • 270 → 340
  • 225 → 295
  • 180 → 250
  • 135 → 205
  • 90 → 160
  • 45 → 115

Castle Outpost Season Points (amounts given every three hours for owned castle outposts):

  • 48 → 50
  • 40 → 44
  • 32 → 38
  • 24 → 32
  • 16 → 26
  • 8 → 20
3 March 2021Rise of Avalon Patch 15 (Season 12 Patch)
  • Crystal: 240,000 → 250,000
  • Gold: 75,000 → 80,000
  • Silver: 20,000 → 25,000
  • Bronze: 5,000 → 7,500
  • Iron: 1,000 (no change)
  • 10 December 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 11The new statue honoring the winners of Guild Season 10, Black 0rder, has been added to Conquerors' Hall. Visit the hall in all major cities and see Albion's current and past champions!
    2 December 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 10 and Hotfix 10.1In Season 10, mid-level Crystal League matches gave too many Season Points, making it possible to dominate a season primarily via these matches. Season Points for these matches have been decreased for Season 11:
    • Level 3: 25→ 15
    • Level 4: 75→ 40
    • Level 5: 200→ 100
    • Level 6: 500→ 250
    • Level 7: 1000→ 600
    • Level 8: 2500→ 1600

    Additionally, there is now a daily limit for Season Points earned from the Crystal League. This limit makes it less desirable to accumulate elite Crystal League teams in one guild and instead creates an incentive for top teams to spread across various guilds.

    • Daily limits vary based on which match types are available on a given day
    • Daily limits for 5v5 and 20v20 are independent and separate from each other
    2 December 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 10 and Hotfix 10.1
  • Fame for all Elite mobs in World Boss Raid Zones, including World Bosses themselves, has been massively increased
  • World Bosses now spawn once per hour instead of once per day
  • Other elite mobs in Raid zones respawn approximately 30 minutes after being killed
  • Season Points from World Bosses have been adjusted accordingly:
    • Tier 7: 40→ 12
    • Tier 8: 50→ 15
  • Defeating a major World Boss (Demon Prince, Earthmother, Harvester) now grants an hour-long buff that increases Fame for killing mobs within the same zone by 20%. Buff is limited to 20 allies and is lost upon dying, leaving the zone, or logging out.
  • The following Homebase zones are now better defended (Elite encounters are tougher, former Veteran encounters are now Elite):
    • Undead: Camlann, Black Monastery, Unhallowed Cloister, Deathreach Priory
    • Keeper: Inis Mon, Eye of the Forest, Eldersleep
    • Morgana: Astolat, Citadel of Ash, Wailing Bulwark, Daemonium Keep
  • Stats for Elite mobs in Raid Zones have increased:

    Lower Elite mobs

    • Fame: +320%
    • Damage: +90%
    • Health: +100%
    • Armor: +50%

    Standard Elite mobs

    • Fame: +430%
    • Spell Damage: +30%
    • Health: +100%
    • Armor: +50%


    • Fame: +220%
    • Damage: +10%
    • Spell Damage: +20%
    • Health: +50%
    • Armor: +100%

    Rare Bosses

    • Fame: +580%
    • Damage: +10%
    • Spell Damage: +20%
    • Health: +10%
    • Armor: +100%
    22 April 2020Queen Patch 10
    • Final polishing of Season 8 rewards (this is not visible ingame and just in preparation for the end of this season)
    4 January 2020Changelog: Avalonian Invasion Third Phase
    • In addition to the Avalonian Mage world bosses, which will continue to give Season Points, the Avalonian Construct, a new world boss, will appear in the Outlands. They will appear at random throughout the Outlands, spawn approximately every 5 hours, are suited for groups of 10-20, and give Season Points as follows:
      • Anglia and Glouvia: 80 Season Points
      • Cumbria and Siluria: 112 Season Points
      • Mercia: 144 Season Points
    • In addition to the Avalonian Construct, the new Avalonian Assembler will also appear in the open world.
    7 December 2019Changelog: Avalonian Invasion Second Phase
    • Starting today, three new Avalonian foes will appear in the open world: the Avalonian Attack Drone, Avalonian Spearman, and Avalonian Winged Guard.
    • Starting today, all territory ownership will be reset and territories will become claimable. Territories can be claimed at one of two times:
      • Territories with a primetime starting at 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 UTC can be claimed starting Saturday at 18:00 UTC
      • Territories with a primetime starting at 22:00, 23:00, 00:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 UTC can be claimed starting Sunday at 01:00 UTC
    • Beginning with today's invasions, guilds will face off against new Avalonian enemies when attempting to claim territories.
    • Reminder: for the duration of the season, killing Avalonian Mage World Bosses gives Season Points based on the Outlands region in which they appear:
      • Anglia: 50
      • Cumbria: 70
      • Mercia: 90
    • As with regular Guild Seasons, you must be a member of a ranking guild for 75% of the season in order to receive Season Rank Rewards.
    13 November 2019Percival Patch 10
    • June are the reigning champions of Guild Season 7! Their victory has been immortalized in a statue at the entrance to Conquerors' Hall near the Caerleon Realmgate. Congratulations to June on their outstanding achievement
    15 August 2019Percival Patch 3 and [Known Issue] Wrong Castle Scoring Times
    • Based on community feedback, the castle scoring time slot at 19 UTC has been moved to 20 UTC
    31 July 2019Percival Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1
    • Guild Challenge: guild members can now earn Challenge Points by gathering, killing creatures, fishing, and farming, as with Adventurer's Challenges. At certain thresholds, these points will provide Season Points to the member's guild.
    • Number of tower levels in Crystal Realm Battle system: 3 → 7
    • GvG attack times have been consolidated to make it harder for one team member to fight multiple GvGs in a day
    • GvG notification messages now more clearly state conditions leading to counterattacks, decisive victories, and whether or not Silver is returned
    • Changes to Siphoning Mages:
      • Channel duration of Ice Block increased to 20 seconds
      • When channel is started, three Summoned Guardians appear
      • Guardians are normal mobs if less than 8 players are attacking the mage, Veteran mobs if 8 or more players attacking
      • Guardians drop an area that replenishes player energy
      • Additionally, a tornado is summoned that throws unwary players into the air and deals some damage
    • Mercenaries have been disabled for regular GvGs. Mercenaries can still be used in Crystal Realm Battles.
    • Castle Outposts (smaller versions of castles) now appear in the open world. These can be claimed by guilds for season points. They appear four times as often as regular castles, but only give one-fourth of the points.
    • The time window in which a castle can be captured has been greatly reduced (time between castle mob spawns: 15m → 3m)
    • Item Power Softcap for 20v20 City Fights:
      • Thetford, Bridgewatch, Martlock: 50% softcap above 1000 IP
      • Fort Sterling, Lymhurst: 50% softcap above 1200 IP
      • Caerleon: no IP cap
    • Maximum City Tax level (set by guild in control of the city): 25% → 10%
    • Updated Guild Season Rank brackets:
      • Crystal Rank Threshold: 180,000 Season Points
      • Gold Rank Threshold: 60,000 Season Points
      • Silver Rank Threshold: 15,000 Season Points
      • Bronze Rank Threshold: 3,500 Season Points
      • Iron Rank Threshold: 1,000 Season Points
    • Castle Scoring Times (UTC):
      • Thornbush Mire 19:00
      • Flesheater Morass 01:00
      • Heart of the Forest 01:00
      • Stonegrass Steppe 01:00
      • Charhide Steppe 19:00
      • Hill of Hollow Earth 19:00
      • Edgerock Sink 01:00
      • Bleak Moor 19:00
      • Eskdale 01:00
      • Armboth Fell 19:00
      • Creag Ard 19:00
      • Creag Uchag 01:00
      • Creag Bron 19:00
      • Creag Rudd 01:00
    31 July 2019Percival Patch 2 and Hotfix 2.1Blue Army's Season 6 winner statue now appears at the front gates of Conquerors' Hall near the Caerleon Realmgate. Anniversary decorations have been removed from cities.
    10 October 2018Merlyn Season 4 PatchAdditionally, also based on community feedback, killing Siphoning Mages will now once again yield season points. In order to prevent exploits, this means that we're also removing the ability to place Siphoning and Rogue Mages for energy. This change should serve to keep the current season vital, while also leaving the possibility open that mages will be further updated or replaced with a new system in future seasons.
    26 September 2018Merlyn Preseason Balance PatchBeginning with Season 4, GvG Seasons in Albion Online will include epic rewards for reaching various ranks. Players who are part of an eligible guild for at least 75% of the season will win the powerful new War Rhino mount (Bronze rank or higher) and exclusive avatars and avatar rings (Iron rank or higher). Additionally, the top three guilds each season will get a permanent place in the new Conquerors' Hall, a new building in Caerleon that will honor past and current winners with custom-built statues and will expand with each successive GvG season.
    12 March 2018Lancelot Update
    • Rogue Mages can now be placed in enemy territories to steal siphoned energy
    • Siphoning Mages now spawn dynamically:
      • first Mage:        1.5 hours
      • second Mage:   2 hours after the first Mage spawns
      • third Mage:        3 hours after the second Mage spawns
      • fourth Mage:      6 hours after the third Mage spawns
      • With this change the value of each Mage is more comparable over time in regards to the points and tokens they provide. This will also make the income during ‘ramp’ up comparable to the income with all Mages up.
    • Dropped energy can now be claimed entirely by the player who kills the mage, without any going directly to the guild
    • Castles now provide energy at the beginning of prime time
    • Owning Siphoning OR Rogue Mages in a territory prior to a battle gives a combat buff during GvG fights, giving more guild members the potential to have an impact on the outcome of a GvG
    • Capturing an orb immediately deducts a point from the enemy team, making flawless victories much more difficult to achieve
    • All guards in a territory now reward fame when killed, including Siphoning Mages
    12 March 2018Lancelot UpdateTo prevent them from being killed too easily by small groups, Siphoning Mages can now use Ice Block once in any battle, regardless of how many players attack. They will use Ice Block a second time when they are attacked by 4 or more players, and a third and final time when they are attacked by 8 or more players.
    6 December 2017Kay UpdateGvG Seasons
    • Earn points for your Guild by holding resource territories and castles
    • Points from resource territories come from Siphoning Mages, which can be killed to steal their benefits
    • Points also grant Siphoned Energy tokens, which can be used in Caerleon to create Runes, Souls and Relics...
    • ...or in the crafting of new Battle Mounts, including Mammoths and Basilisks, with powerful active abilities
    • Resource territories periodically have ownership resets throughout the season, and claiming them back requires you to drive out the vengeful guardians of Albion, who resent Guilds stealing their power
    • Guilds earn rankings throughout the season, leading to a final placement in a bracket - Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Crystal - at the end of the season
    • Guild logos throughout the UI gain special borders to reflect your recent performance
    • The Guild with the highest total at the end of the season gains permanent recognition on their Guild logo, and has their Guild banner displayed prominently in Caerleon for the duration of the next season
    • In support of this feature, resource territory layouts have been adjusted; the GvG-relevant features remain consistent, but the towers have been moved to specially set-up platforms in the corners of the territories