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General Information

In Albion Online, a GvG Season (Guild versus Guild), Guilds can compete and earn Season Points to participate in a ranking system also known as the Season Rankings. This mechanic was introduced into the game in December 2017.

  • GvG Seasons are three months in length
  • In between GvG Seasons, there are off-seasons lasting three weeks when guilds cannot score any points
  • During the Season, guilds may reach one of the five guild Season Rankings that currently exist in Albion: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Crystal

Invasion Day

At the beginning of each GvG Season, as well as twice during the Season, Invaders will spawn and claim ownership of all resource teritorries in Albion, resetting the ownership of all resource territories. On predetermined days all guild-ownership of resource territories will be set to unclaimed. This event is also known as Invasion Day. After all territories have been claimed and fought over by the guilds of Albion, the Season scoring begins and guilds can start earning Season Points. A detailed GvG Season schedule is published on the official forums prior to a GvG Seasons start.

Double Scoring

After the third and last Invasion Day of a Season, the scoring changes and all the points earned count double for the Season Rankings for the duration of the last month of a GvG Season.


Reward Brackets:

  • Crystal Threshold: 240.000
  • Gold Threshold: 75,000
  • Silver Threshold: 20.000
  • Bronze Threshold: 5000
  • Iron Threshold: 1

GvG Season Scoring

Guilds can score their season points that count for the season rankings through various activities:

  • Guild Challenges: Gain progress in the guild challenge progress bar through the same activities that count towards the individual Adventurer's Challenge
  • Holding Resource Territories: The number of Season points scored at the end of each territory's prime time depends on the continent of the territory and on how long the Siphoning Mages inside the territory have been alive
  • Killing Siphoning Mages: Season points are scored on the kill of a siphoned mage in an enemy resource territory and the number of points varies based on the continent of the raided territory
  • Holding Castles and Castle Outposts: Scoring timers are either 19:00 UTC or 01:00 UTC
  • Crystal Realm GvGs: Introduced in Season 5, the participating teams' guilds will score Season points for wins, partial wins and partial losses at the end of the match

Guild Challenges

  • Guild Challenges reward Season points by filling in the Guild Challenge Progress Bar through the same activities that count towards the individual Adventurer's Challenge.
  • When the Progress Bar is filled the guild receives 300 season points.

Territory Season Points Scoring

  • At the start of each resource territory’s prime time on the first day after the Season starts, scoring is enabled for each territory
  • Claiming and holding territory during the end of a territory's prime time will award Season Points and Siphoned Energy to the Guild holding it
  • Scoring begins at the start of each resource territory’s prime time when scoring gets enabled for the first time in the season
  • Points from holding territories are scored at the end of each territory’s prime time. The daily points are calculated with the following:

Season Points Generated by Siphoning Mages

  • These mages draw the raw power from the territories and collect it on their character before passing it on
  • They spawn dynamically (1.5h 2h, 3h, 6h) until the maximum of four is present
  • They position themselves around the GvG capture points in each territory
  • They can be killed by any player from a different alliance
  • If you kill another guild’s mages, they drop Siphoned Energy
  • When killed they give Season points shared among the guilds of the players who killed them

Season Point Scoring via Castles and Castle Outposts

A guild holding a castle or castle outpost during its daily scoring timer will be rewarded with season points based on the table below.

Castle and castle outpost scoring timers are either 19:00 or 01:00 UTC.

Castle & Castle Outpost Season Points
Region Castle Castle Outpost
Mercia 648 162
Cumbria & Siluria 504 126
Anglia & Glouvia 360 90

Crystal Realm GvGs

Guilds compete in GvG matches for points that are counted towards the Season

GvG Season Rewards

Rewards are distributed to players who participate in GvG Seasons basked on their rankings at the end of the Season.

  • Season 4: Introduction of the Conquerors' Hall
  • Season 5: Introduction of the Crystal Realm battles
Season Winning Guild
Season 1 Money Guild
Season 2 Money Guild
Season 3 Team Casualty
Season 4 Blue Army
Season 5 Blue Army
Season 6 Blue Army
Season 7 June