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General Information

Season seventeen starts on 17th December 2022.

This season will be shorter than a standard season and will have a faster pace between Invasion Days.

Season 18 Schedule and Changes

Season Schedule

This season will be shorter than a standard season with Reset/Invasion Days occurring every 3 weeks.

  • 17.12.2022 (Saturday): Season starts, Invasion Day #1, all Territories Reset
  • 18.12.2022 (Sunday): Scoring starts (by time zone)
  • 19.12.2022 (Monday): Territory Battles Start
  • 07.01.2023 (Saturday): Invasion Day #2 - Energy/Season Point Storage Payout, all Territories Reset
  • 28.01.2023 (Saturday): Invasion Day #3 - Energy/Season Point Storage Payout, all Territories Reset, Territory scoring doubles, Might and Favor for killing Siphoning Mages doubles
  • 18.02.2023 (Saturday): Scoring of Territories Ends, Energy/Season Point Storage Payout
  • 19.02.2023 (Sunday): Final 5v5 Crystal League Matches
  • 20.02.2023 (Monday): Season Ends at 9:59 UTC, Offseason period begins

Season Rankings - On going

Hideout HQ Qualification for the next Season

Season Point Threshold Max Zone Quality Level Max Zone Tier
200,000 6 8
120,000 5 8
80,000 4 8
40,000 3 7
20,000 3 6
10,000 1 6

Conqueror's Challenge Rewards

Might Requirement Reward Item
1,500,000 Crystal Avatar Set
1,000,000 Crystal Goliath Horseeater
650,000 Gold Avatar Set
430,000 10% Fame Buff (90 days)
330,000 Gold Goliath Horseeater
260,000 8% Fame Buff (90 days)
200,000 Silver Avatar Set
145,000 6% Fame Buff (90 days)
100,000 Silver Goliath Horseeater
60,000 4% Fame Buff (90 days)
30,000 Bronze Avatar
10,000 2% Fame Buff (90 days)

Bracket Rewards

Rank Requirement Avatar Ring Might Multiplier Favor Multiplier Direct Might reward
Crystal 250,000 Season Points Crystal Rank (+ all lower borders) 1.5 1.25 50.000
Gold 80,000 Season Points Gold Rank (+ all lower borders) 1.4 1.2 25.000
Silver 25,000 Season Points Silver Rank (+ all lower borders) 1.3 1.15 15.000
Bronze 7,500 Season Points Bronze Rank (+ lower border) 1.2 1.1 10.000
Iron 1,000 Season Points Iron Rank 1.1 1.05 5.000

Additional Top 3 Rewards

Rank Requirement Avatar Ring Furniture Item Statue in Conqueror's Hall
1st 1st place overall 1st Place Copy of the Conqueror's Hall statue as placeable furniture item Statue in the Hall + choice of design
2nd 2nd place overall 2nd Place Copy of the Conqueror's Hall statue as placeable furniture item Guild banner included in statue
3rd 3rd place overall 3rd Place Copy of the Conqueror's Hall statue as placeable furniture item Guild banner included in statue

GVG Seasons

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
10 December 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 11
  • Skip Overcrowded Cluster Cooldown: 30s → 125s
21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1The following changes give players more control over how they set up armies for the queue. Player sorting is now done on a per-party level, meaning the system will attempt to keep existing parties together:
  • Party leaders can now assign a Party Cluster Access Priority for their party as well as for individual members in the Cluster Access Priority UI (accessed via the party leader's player context menu)
  • Priority Access determines the order in which parties will enter an overcrowded cluster
  • This gives alliances more control over which forces are moved into the cluster and keeps party structures intact
  • The Preferred Cluster Access Guild Right has been removed
  • The queue now moves players from a single contingent either in or out during a given cycle, so players of the same contingent no longer replace each other
21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1New Disarray parameters ensure the ZvZ meta plays out in a similar way across a wide range of fight sizes, while still offering smaller groups protection from large armies:
  • Disarray is no longer a flat debuff
  • Instead, it reduces damage output and CC Duration when attacking targets with a lower Disarray level
  • Against targets with the same or higher Disarray level, Disarray has no impact on your stats
  • Damage reduction depends on the difference of Disarray levels between attacker and target - the higher the difference, the greater the effect
  • Increased Disarray player cap; debuff now caps at Level 50 for 450 players
21 October 2020Rise of Avalon Patch 7 / Brimstone & Mist Midseason Update and Hotfix 7.1
  • AoE Escalation:
    • Escalation now increases by 8% for each additional target hit and caps at 40% extra damage:
      • 2 Targets hit = 8%
      • 3 Targets hit = 16%
      • 4 Targets hit = 24%
      • 5 Targets hit = 32%
      • 6+ Targets hit = 40%
  • 4 March 2020Queen Patch 6
    • Patch 5 introduced a 3-day cooldown for leaving and rejoining the same alliance. (This existed alongside the 7-day cooldown on joining a new alliance that was already in the game.)
    • With today's patch, the duration of this cooldown has been updated:
      • Alliance Rejoin Cooldown: 3 Days → 7 Days
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6Items without a durability stat will no longer be destroyed upon knockdown.

    Previously, the following behavior occurred:

    • Items with durability: 5% durability loss
    • Items without durability: 10% destruction chance

    After Patch 6:

    • Items with durability: 5% durability loss (no change)
    • Items without durability: immune to destruction

    This change is intended to help introduce newer players to combat without item loss (i.e. in yellow zones), and to avoid situations where players were confused about what happened to items. It should also improve the overall loot experience in Elite Dungeons, where a large percent of loot was previously destroyed by being knocked down repeatedly.

    Item destruction rate and durability loss rate upon death (killed by another player, suicide, etc.) are not affected by this change.
    4 March 2020Queen Patch 6Introduced a feature that will delay players from leaving a Hideout set as "Home" after respawning there multiple times. The effect has a 10-minute cooldown, meaning after 10 minutes without dying and respawning in a Hideout the counter returns to zero.

    Time penalties:

    • First Respawn: no penalty
    • Second Respawn: 30 seconds
    • Third Respawn: 60 seconds
    • Fourth Respawn: 120 seconds
    • Fifth Respawn or more: 240 seconds
    This is intended to prevent overuse of repeated-suicide defense strategies when defending Hideouts.
    12 February 2020Queen Patch 3Items and Silver gained are now tracked separately in the combat log:
    • "Loot" channel now only displays items when picked up
    • New "Silver" channel created
    • Both can be enabled or disabled as desired
    20 January 2020Queen UpdateItem Power progression has been streamlined and simplified, and now increases in a linear manner. More details: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/121085

    In addition, Mastery Modifiers have been added to the Mastery Bonuses of high-tier equipment:

    • 5% on all T5 items
    • 10% on all T6 items
    • 15% on all T7 items
    • 20% on all T8 items

    This bonus applies to all Armors, Weapons, and Offhands, and includes IP bonuses from basic Specializations as well as advanced Masteries. Enchanted gear will be calculated at the level of its base tier, i.e. T5.0 through T5.3 all receive the same 5% bonus.

    Sample case: if you get an additional 100 IP from your Destiny Board Masteries for swords, using a Tier 6.2 Sword will give you a 10% additional boost to that Mastery bonus, for a total bonus of 110 IP.
    20 January 2020Queen Update
    • Adding resources to buildings during construction/repair/upgrading is now 5x faster and you can add up to 999 resources in one action (previously 30)
    • Cost of overcharge has increased from 1 Siphoned Energy to 10 to make overcharging a less clear choice on low-tier items
    • Global discount reference rate adjusted to match current gold market economy
    • Zerg debuff ("Disarray") no longer applies in red and yellow zones
    • The number of fragments needed to enchant items has been doubled as enchanting with fragments was too cheap and undermined crafting with enchanted resources
    • Trash icon updated for better visibility while looting
    • Changed main tutorial area name from "Hideout" to "Cove" to avoid confusion with the new Hideout feature
    • Changed Marketplace category for several items:
      • Dungeon Maps: Consumables/Maps
      • Chopped Fish: Products/Cooked
      • Undead, Keeper, and Morgana Mount Upgrades: Materials/Other
      • Avalonian and Siphoned Energy: Materials/Other
    20 January 2020Queen Update
    • Healing Sickness:
      • Healing Received Reduction (2 Healers): 25.9% → 30%
      • Debuff Duration (2 or more Healers): 5s → 8s