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In Albion Online guilds can attack territories of other guilds. There are two ways by which to initiate Guild Warfare. One, via entering the world map (Hotkey: M) and selecting a territory next to one of yours, or by going to a territory monolith and then selecting "attack".

Territory stats
There are two stats for territorial warfare: Defender Bonus and Defender Points

Defender Bonus: A stat change applied to the defenders of the territory, it goes up to +40% and down to -40%. This is modified by a guild's level of aggression over territory. Whenever you launch an attack from one territory your defender bonus will be lowered, meaning that a very aggressive guild which instigates many attacks on territories will have a much lower defender bonus than a relatively passive guild.

Defender Points: A regenerating stat modified by Conquer battles lost (see below for an explanation of Conquering). As soon as a territory is claimed, the number of defender points attributed to that territory begins to increase gradually up to a maximum of 3. If the guild loses a Conquer attempt on the territory, the Defender Point total will drop by 1. Once the Defender Point total drops to 0, the guild must surrender the territory and hand it over to the triumphant enemy guild. If the guild manages to defend its territory from a Conquer attempt for long enough, the Defender Point they lost will regenerate. This gives a guild under attack 3 chances to defend their territory claim before it is usurped.

Defender Points facts:

  • They are a representation of the ownership of your territory
  • They regenerate by 1 point every 48 hours
  • They are capped at 3 points
  • If you lose a incoming 'conquer' attack, you lose a defender point

Attack methods There are two modes of attack, with differing potential rewards: Raid and Conquer

Raid: Lowers target territory's Defender Bonus by 20, and raids 15,000 Silver from the enemy guild's guild vault - ideal for softening up a enemy before trying to conquer the territory.

Conquer: Lowers target territory's Defender Points by one point and lowers the target territory's Defender Bonus by 10, if defender points reaches zero then ownership of that territory is transferred to you.

Territorial warfare facts:

  • Territories have a maximum defender bonus of 40%, providing buffs for players during an attack. Attacking from a territory will cause the bonus to decrease quickly; being attacked will cause it to decrease slowly; and it will slowly regenerate over time.
  • Territory fights are set to 5v5 players from either guild.
  • During a territory fights only 10 participants are a part of the fight.
  • During a battle, both teams begin with 100 points. Fights are ended at 31 minutes or if either team reaches 0 points.

This picture shows initiating an attack from the world map

This picture shows initiating an attack from the territory monolith

This picture shows the interface to choose type of attack

This picture shows the interface to manage the attacking party