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This Player Guide is based on the notes and effort by Wilburn. The initial publication date of this guide was: 22nd October 2018.

Feel free to contribute to the guide, edit or update the information below. This guide below is about the Hardcore Expedition Map: Fishy Business.

Fishy Business

This is generally considered the easiest Map out of all of the HCEs because it has a minimal requirement for completion and fairly straightforward mechanics.


Things To Know

  • Mob attack priority: Mages>Archers>Thieves>Tanks
  • The Veteran Mad Bouncers do a block ability (signified by a bubble around them). A DPS team member should use an interrupt (such as the Blazing Staff’s Fire Wave or the Boltcasters’ Noise Eraser) to remove the shield so damage can continue to be done.
  • Melee DPS should bring a Bow or another ranged DPS weapon to use for the final boss because of the nature of the boss mechanics.
  • Because the requirements for completing this map are so simple, a large portion of the map can be skipped. The numbered guide below will explain the requirements.


(Numbers refer to location on attached map)

  1. The tank should be leading the way, dragging all rats to this location, where the team will kill them along with a thief.
  2. Kill the Veteran Mad Bouncer.
  3. Kill two more Veteran Mad Bouncers.
  4. Run tightly to the boxes on the South side of the route (as far away from the checkpoint as possible) to skip the archer and thief.
  5. A catapult will begin raining down flaming rocks. Avoid these!
  6. This is a chest that will contain a good amount of silver and the possibility of loot. If you are speed running on a higher level map, you can skip this chest.
  7. Kill the catapult and the Veteran Mad Bouncer here. This is not mandatory, but will make killing the mid-boss easier without the falling rocks from the catapult.
  8. Mid-boss. You can skip this if you want, but it provides a good amount of fame. Healer and DPS should take care to stay out of the boss’s spinning whip.
  9. Run North tightly along the Western wall, skipping the mobs in the middle of the room. From here, skip as many mobs as you want to.
  10. Hug the Western wall as your turn this corner, as far away from the checkpoint as possible. This will allow you to skip these mobs.
  11. Run tightly against the North Western wall to skip as many mobs as possible in this room.
  12. The tank should pull this Veteran Mad Bouncer back behind the archway. This will allow the team to not have to deal with the falling rocks.
  13. Skip the catapults and bring the thief beyond this archway to avoid the falling rocks.
  14. Run tightly against the Western wall as you turn this corner, as far away from the checkpoint as possible. This will allow the team to skip these mobs.
  15. Kill the mobs in the Eastern side of this room (kill the healer first), and then the tank can pull the two archers down into this Eastern side as well, allowing you to skip the mobs on the Western side.
  16. The tank should switch to Incubus Mace or Druidic Staff because final bosses cannot be stunned.

Final Boss Explanation/Recommendations

  • Tank should occupy Veteran Mad Chops (the big guy) while DPS are focusing on Fishy, the twitchy little guy.
  • Fishy doesn’t do any damage but if you leave him alive he will support Chops with shields and damage buffs.
  • Once Fishy is dead, some groups will reset the boss by running to the Western corner of the boss room, while at lower levels the team will just transition to killing Chops.
  • Finally, the tank should kite Chops around in a circle while the DPS stand in the middle of the room unloading on him.Chops does a massive frontal cleave so the tank must always keep him facing away from the group - and the group should never go in front of the tank.

Fishy Business Expedition Map

(click to enlarge)

HCE Map Player Guide Fishy Business Map.png

Special Notes and Tips for Higher Level Maps

At higher levels almost all groups will reset Chops the final boss after killing the rats and Fishy. This will prevent Chops from being enraged and will make killing him much easier.


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  2. Lewpac's Youtube Tutorial