HCE Map Player Guide: Fistful Of Silver

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This Player Guide is based on the notes and effort by Wilburn. The initial publication date of this guide was: 27th October 2018.

Feel free to contribute to the guide, edit or update the information below. This guide below is about the Hardcore Expedition Map: A Fistful Of Silver.

A Fistful Of Silver

One of the most challenging maps, but don’t let that deter you! It’s very doable if you follow the below guide and bring your Skip Set.


  • Kill 12 Veteran Mad Thief
  • Kill 1 Veteran Mad Fuzzy (mid boss)
  • Kill 1 Veteran Mad Big Spencer (mid boss)
  • Kill 1 Veteran Mad Shadowmask (final boss)

Things To Know

  • Mob attack priority: Barrel>Archer>Thief>Scavenger
  • Definitely bring a skip set to complete this map! It is a long path, so to finish in the bonus time you will need to skip a few times.
  • The Barrel mobs pull other nearby mobs to attack you so they should be dealt with quickly!
  • The Thief mobs do only single target auto attacks, but are very strong. DPS members should make sure to let the Tank draw aggro before attacking them to ensure you don’t get their attention.


(Numbers refer to location on attached map)

  1. Skip the first barrel and kill this Thief and the surrounding Scavengers.
  2. Kill the barrel and two Thieves.
  3. Kill these two thieves. The tank can use his Taunt on the second Thief to skip the barrel.
  4. Follow the road and kill two more Thieves.
  5. Mid Boss - Kill the Thief first, and then focus down Mad Fuzzy. Fuzzy will throw sticky potions which do damage on contact but then do no damage as you later walk (slowly!) over them. He also does a large AOE explosion that the team will need to avoid. As the fight wears on, the sticky potions make it tough to avoid the AOEs so try to always have an ‘out’, or a route to escape your current location. Fuzzy can be stunned, so go for it, Tank!
  6. Kill these two archers
  7. Run tightly to the East wall to avoid this archer, and then kill the two archers just ahead.
  8. The Tank should Taunt each of these mob packs back so as not to aggro the barrel. Stick to the North wall to avoid the barrel.
  9. Kill this Archer and Thief.
  10. After crossing the bridge, wait for the patrolling Thief to walk to the South West, away from the healer mobs. Kill him and the two Scavengers together. Once they’re down, put on your Skip Set. Skil from here to #11.
  11. Kill the rats here and wait for your Skip Set cooldowns to reset. Skip from here to the next Mid Boss (#12), in the North East corner of the room so as not to aggro any mobs.
  12. Kill this Scavenger, change back from your Skip Set, and then fight the Mid Boss. The Tank should keep him into that North East corner of the room and the DPS can focus him down. He does a large knockback ability, so the Tank should position himself so that when he gets knocked back, he gets knocked into the wall and not into the middle of the room. Once the boss is dead, put your Skip Set back on and skip to the ramp at #13. Kill this little mob pack, put your skip set back on, and then if you time it right to avoid the patrolling thieves, you can run through the middle of this room, then go invisible in order to skip all the way to the final boss (#13).

Final Boss Explanation/Recommendations

  • Tank should switch to Incubus mace because like most HCE final bosses, the Mad Shadowmask cannot be stunned.
  • The boss has two main abilities:
  • First is a dart that he shoots at a specific and random member of the party. Try to dodge roll or evasive jump to avoid this damage, otherwise you will take a hit and suffer some damage over time afterward.
  • Second is the flame pit that the boss will throw on the ground. It does damage by itself but the real issue with these ground AOEs are that if you step on one while you have the damage over time on you from the other ability, it will cause a chain reaction set of devastating attacks that will likely kill your whole team.

Fistful Of Silver Expedition Map

(click to enlarge)

HCE Map Player Guide Fistful of Silver Map.png

Special Notes and Tips for Higher Level Maps

  • At higher levels, keep an eye on how many of each required mob type the group has killed. You will need to do the skips to finish the map in bonus time.


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  2. Lewpac's Youtube Tutorial