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This Player Guide is based on the notes and effort by Wilburn. The initial publication date of this guide was: 22nd October 2018.

Feel free to contribute to the guide, edit or update the information below. This guide below is about the Hardcore Expedition Map: Preaching To The Dead.

Preaching To The Dead

This map is generally considered to be of medium difficulty. It can be cleared all the way through or can be completed using one or two skips.


  • Kill 9 Veteran Haunted Archer
  • Kill 8 Veteran Haunted Swordsmen
  • Kill 6 Veteran Haunted Deathmonger
  • Kill 1 Veteran Haunted Sharpshooter
  • Kill 1 Veteran Haunted Deathlord (final boss)

Things To Know

  • Mob attack priority: Deathmongers (Mages)>Archers>Swordsmen
  • Tank should consider using a Polehammer, which will allow you to stun the skeletons from a distance instead of at close range like you would with a Hammer.


(Numbers refer to a location on attached map)

  1. The tank should lead the way, dragging all skeletons to this location where the team will kill them and kill the patrolling Archer.
  2. Kill these two archers by themselves, while the third archer is away on patrol.
  3. Kill two more archers here.
  4. You can skip these mobs by running tightly to the Northern wall, or just kill them, trying to pull only one or two mobs at a time.
  5. Kill 2 Swordsmen with skeletons and then pull the Archer and Swordsman patrol to the West and kill them.
  6. Make sure not to pull the archer here because he is connected to the Scorpion. If you aggro these mobs it will slow your run down, so make sure to skip them by waiting for the Archer to walk North, pulling the Swordsman back, and then skipping through.
  7. Treasure chest located here. Skip it and come back after completing the map, if your group wants.
  8. Run tightly along the Eastern wall as you turn this corner, so you can skip the mobs on the Westside.
  9. The tank should pull three archers using the chest piece’s Taunt ability. Make sure to get the timing right so as not to pull the additional archer or the mini-boss. Some groups will skip the mini-boss temporarily in order to activate the checkpoint just up ahead. When the group is ready to fight the mini-boss, he is a fairly straightforward archer, though he hits much harder than the normal archers. The Healer and DPS should pay special attention to dodge the Rain of Arrows AOE ability.
  10. You can choose to clear through the graveyard here, or the group can use skip sets from here to the checkpoint. If you skip, there are 2 gravestones to the east of point #12 on the map below. Everyone should end their skip right in front of the 1st one so the walking skeleton doesn't get aggroed.
  11. If you choose not to skip, the tank should use his Taunts to pull small batches of mobs to clear a path through the graveyard a couple of mobs at a time to make sure the team doesn’t get overwhelmed.
  12. With the path mostly cleared, time your run North through the graveyard to avoid pulling unnecessary mobs.
  13. Activate the checkpoint and kill one of the two Swordsmen guarding the staircase. A patrolling Haunted Knight may join the fight and the tank should keep him facing away from the rest of the team so they don’t need to worry about his single line AOE knockback. If the team has completed enough mobs and only needs to kill two more Deathmongers, you can use your skip sets to skip the whole hallway of the church and into the Northwest corner of the final boss room. If skipping, go to the subpoint in #15 below.
  14. The tank should Taunt a skeleton so as to pull it and only one of the Deathmongers at a time.
  15. The tank should Taunt the Swordsman after he walks up the first flight of stairs but before he touches the second set of stairs. This will pull the Swordsman and the two Deathmongers without pulling the boss. DPS should focus down the Deathmongers first, and the Swordsman Last. Then onto the boss!
    • If you have skipped from the checkpoint to the Northwest corner of the boss room, pull the two Deathmongers over into that corner and fight them there without pulling the boss yet. Once they are down, proceed to the boss.

Final Boss Explanation/Recommendations

  • Tank should switch to Incubus mace because like most HCE final bosses, the Haunted Deathlord cannot be stunned.
  • The boss is fairly straightforward to fight, the tank should step out of the AOE hailstorms and Healer/DPS should make sure to avoid or interrupt the AOE frost bombs that the Deathlord casts.
  • The tank should make sure to keep the boss taunted as he is likely to change his aggro to other team members.

Preaching To The Dead Expedition Map

(click to enlarge)

HCE Map Player Guide Preaching To The Dead Map.png

Special Notes and Tips for Higher Level Maps

  • At higher levels, keep an eye on how many of each required mob type the group has killed. You will need to do the skips to finish the map in bonus time.


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  2. Lewpac's Youtube Tutorial