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This Player Guide is based on the notes and effort by Wilburn. The initial publication date of this guide was: 3rd November 2018.

Feel free to contribute to the guide, edit or update the information below. This guide below is about the Hardcore Expedition Map: Three Sisters.

Three Sisters

  • The difficulty of this map is moderately easy. It has fairly difficult mobs throughout and a relatively easy boss fight.
  • No skip set is required.
  • Killing the mid-boss is not requirement and can be skipped if the group wishes.


  • Kill 5 Veteran Obsessed Footmen
  • Kill 3 Veteran Obsessed Infestor
  • Kill 3 Veteran Obsessed Raven (final boss)
  • Kill 1 Veteran Obsessed Magistra (final boss)
  • Kill 1 Veteran Obsessed Fang (final boss)

Things To Know

  • Mob attack priority: Dogs>Footman>Archer>Crossbowman>Infestor>Conjuror>Knight
  • DPS players should run at least one interrupt skill if possible (Fire Wave, Noise Eraser, etc.)
  • Tank should consider using a Polehammer as the weapon for this map because of its AOE stun potential.


(Numbers refer to location on attached map)

  1. Kill all mobs on your way to this point. When you get here, run tightly along the Southern wall so as not to aggro the two archers to the North.
  2. Kill this Footman. DPS players should make sure to interrupt his spin ability ASAP. Another Footman will be patrolling through, kill him as well.
  3. Proceed through, killing mobs. The two Crossbowmen at this point can be tricky because of the the narrow bridge you are fighting on. The Tank (as usual) should try to keep them pointed away from the rest of the group, but if they are facing the group, the DPS players should interrupt their channelled ability.
  4. Kill this Footman who is down in the corner before proceeding North East.
  5. The Tank should run along the West wall in this room to pull a single Knight and two Archers without pulling the rest of the mobs in this room. The mid-boss is in this room, and as noted above, he can be skipped. If you group chooses not to skip him, make sure to interrupt his abilities and stun him as much as possible because he has a heal, a soul scythe-like ability, and is very difficult at high levels.
  6. Run around the Northeast side of this room, killing the bats, activating the checkpoint, and then killing the two Conjurors. The Polehammer is especially good here to be able to stun the Conjurors from a distance.
  7. When you get to this room, you can skip it entirely if you wait for the patrolling Footman to walk around onto the carpet. Follow the red line on the map below, and then enter the next room through the curtain at point #8.
  8. Walk along the Northern wall of this small room (along the bookshelves) to skip the mobs in this room (follow the red line on the map below). There is a chest here if you can kill the mobs but these three are very difficult to kill in this small room, so many groups will choose to forego the silver and loot from the chest and just skip through.
  9. Kill this mob, which is the first Infestor that you will encounter on this Map. Make sure to interrupt its abilities, but it may get off a spinning blade on one of your party members. If so, that person should run away from the other party members so as not to damage anyone else with the blades.
  10. Kill this Infestor and then walk into the middle of this room. Kill the Infestor and Knight in the middle of the curtained area, and then wait for the archer patrol to move out of the way in order to proceed to #11.
  11. Kill the Footman first and the Knight second.
  12. Kill the Infestor first and the Conjuror second.
  13. Boss fight!

Final Boss Explanation/Recommendations

  • Kill the Knight first. He is fairly simple to CC and avoid his AOEs. Once he is dead and the Three Sisters are activated, run back down the hallway to reset them.
  • The Tank should now switch to Taunt.
  • The Sisters do not activate until they are attacked, so the Tank should attack the middle sister (Fang) and point her away from the group, while the group quickly kills the sister on the left. Once she is dead, they should burst down the middle sister.
  • The final sister on the right can then be attacked. The Tank should make sure not to stand near anyone else in your party because the ravens that the boss puts on you will not hurt you, but they will kill your party members if they touch them. The sister on the right will also do a channelled damage spell that can be interrupted and can also just be healed through by a strong healer.

Three Sisters Expedition Map

(click to enlarge)

HCE Map Player Guide Three Sisters Map.png

Special Notes and Tips for Higher Level Maps

  • Skip the chest at point #8 when doing higher level maps, unless you have a team that have a good synergy for interrupts.


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