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Unlocking the Hammer Fighter node on the Destiny Board allows you to use the different weapons and spells below.

Hammer Fighter Weapons

Hammers are Crowd Controlling (CC) weapons generally used by tanks.

Normal Hammers Weapons

Artifact Hammers Weapons

Artifact weapons require a special artifact when crafting them in addition to the normal refined resources.

You can view the required artifacts on the Artifact page.

Rune Artifact Hammers Weapons

Soul Artifact Hammers Weapons

Relic Artifact Hammers Weapons

Skill Selection

  • You can only select one ability per slot (Q, W, E, and the passive P).
  • The Q, W, and P slots are universal for all Hammers weapons.
  • E abilities are unique for each weapon.

Q Ability Slot

W Ability Slot

  • Heavy Cleave is unlocked at level 1 of the Hammers skill.
  • Slowing Charge is unlocked at level 3 of the Hammers skill.
  • Power Geyser is unlocked at level 15 of the Hammers skill.
  • Knockout is unlocked at level 40 of the Hammers skill for items with item power greater or equal to 600.

E Ability Slot

The special E Spells are unique to the respective weapons below:

Passive Ability Slot