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General Info

Hellgates are portals that are dropped once a player or group of players has found and defeated a Hellgate Guardian mob. There are three types of Hellgates in the world of Albion:

  • 2v2 Lesser Hellgates (found in Blue zones)
  • 2v2 Greater Hellgates (found in yellow, red and black zones)
  • 5v5 Greater Hellgates (found in yellow, red and black zones)

To find a Hellagate a player has to physically move to a zone and check if the Hellgate is there. Helllgates are visible on the toogled map (M) once the player is in the same zone. 2v2 and 5v5 hellgates spawn on different maps and look different on the map. The 2v2 hellgate is yellow/orange (please add image) and the 5v5 hellgate is red (please add image).

The 2v2 Hellgates are accessible by 1 or 2 players and the 5v5 by up to 5 players. There is one map for all the 2v2 Hellgates and one map for all the 5v5 ones (Please add images). The 2v2 Hellgate maps have 3 entrances, 3 miniboss spawning places, and 1 boss spawning place while the 5v5 Hellgate maps have 5 entrances, 5 miniboss spawning places and 1 boss spawning place. Up to two teams may enter the same Hellgate at the same time, but through Hellgate Portals that are located in different maps. Each team will enter the hellgate through a random entrance. This makes the Hellgates have a high chance of consensual PvP as once all the minibosses are defeated a timer to the spawning time of the boss will be triggered. The boss drops blackmarket loot. And the team that survives will not only get the loot from the boss, but will also get the loot from the other players.

Starting with Oberon Patch 5 all Hellgate Guardian mobs remain in place indefinitely until a player or group of players kill it to spawn the entrance portal. Hellgate Guardian mobs have fixed locations on the maps.

  • 2v2 Greater Hellgates spawn only in odd-tier red and black zones (i.e. T3,T5,T7)
  • 5v5 Greater Hellgates spawn only in even-tier red and black zones (i.e. T4,T6,T8)

Hellgates found in Royals and Black Zones have a soft IP cap of 1000, everything after that is reduced by 50%.