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Hide Animals are wild animals that are hunted for their skin. Most of them are aggressive. All the animals tier 4 and above can be found as flat or with either of the three levels of enchantment.

Hide Animals are biome bound so you will find different animals in different biomes.

Large gathethering nodes contain more resources.

Animal Tier Biomes Agressive Large resource node
Bunny 1
Marmot 1
Toad 1
Fox 2
Impala 2
Snake 2
Wolf 3
Moabird 3
Cougar 3 yes
Giant Toad 3 yes
Boar 4 yes
Giant Stag 4
Monitor Lizard 4 yes
Bear 5 yes
Terror Bird 5 yes
Sabretooth Tiger 5 yes
Giant Snake 5 yes
Direwolf 6 yes
Hyena 6 yes
Swamp Dragon 6 yes
Feral Boar 7 Steppe yes
Direboar 7 Steppe yes
Rhino 7 Forest, Swamp
Bighorn Rhino 7 Forest, Swamp yes
Mammoth 8 Steppe yes
Ancient Mammoth 8 Steppe yes yes
Feral Bear 8 Forest, Swamp yes
Direbear 8 Forest, Swamp yes yes