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Home territory icon on the world map

Home Territory

Home Territories are one of the four different types of territories that can be claimed by guilds in the Outlands of Albion.

The controlling guild can set the access level for their home territory to either public or alliance only, but most home territories can only be entered by the guild's alliance members, generally making it a safe place.

There are 24 home territories in Anglia, 12 in Cumbria, ? in Glouvia, ? in Siluria, and 12 in Mercia.

Buildings & Benefits

A home territory allows guilds to settle in different areas of the Outlands and construct buildings. A home territory can fit 6 large building plots, 14 medium building plots, and 16 small building plots. Larger building plots can also be used as multiple smaller building plots, for example instead of one medium building plot a guild can choose to use that space as four small building plots.

Buildings allow a player to refine materials or craft items and the home territory offers many bonuses:

  • Refining (All resources): 20% return rate
  • Refining (All resources) with focus: 46% return rate
  • Crafting (All): 25% return rate
  • Crafting (All) with focus: 48% return rate

One home territory can also fit six Guild halls which can be utilized for many laborers.

In addition players may set their Home Re spawn setting to one of these Guild halls allowing for quick teleportation back to this location on death.

Claim territory screen

Home territories offer the best return rate for crafting - the same rates as a specialized Royal City - but the refining return is slightly less than the return in a specialized Royal City.

The location (Anglia, Cumbria, Glouvia, Siluria, or Mercia) of the home territory doesn't affect the return rate bonus.

Clean unclaimed home territory in a desert biome

Claiming a Home Territory

If a home territory is owned by another guild, it can be fought over and conquered through GvG battles. Home territories are harder to conquer than other territory types. They have three defender points, each defender point needs a GvG win to be removed, and the territory regains one point for each day it does not lose any defender points. The team defending the territory also has a 5% HP and Damage bonus, making it harder for attackers. A home territory may only be attacked by the farm in the same zone. When losing a home territory this way, the previous owner has a three day grace period to evacuate their belongings.

Some guilds may choose to sell their home territory, unclaiming it for another guild to claim it. But beware, when a home territory is claimed the territory only gains one defense point, making it vulnerable to a quick capture.

Unclaimed territories can be claimed by having a guild member with proper rights claim it, which needs to be done on the correct timeframe and the member's guild needs to have at least 1.000.000 guild fame and 3.000.000 silver stored in their guild account.