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Infamy is a measure of a player's reward bonus in Corrupted Dungeons and Hellgate.

Infamy increase received prizes from Chests.

Infamy can be checked in your Player Menu stats, it also is shown in ranking.

Infamy Bonuses
  1. Infamy
Hunter Bonus Stalker Bonus Slayer Bonus
2000 24% 13% 7%
2500 26% 14% 8%
3000 29% 15% 8%

Infamy types

There are four types of Infamy in Albion:

  • Corrupted Dungeons (1v1)
  • 2v2 Hellgate
  • 5v5 Hellgate
  • 10v10 Hellgate

Each one it is not divided with another type.

Infamy gain

There are two ways to gain :

  1. Killing Mobs in the corrupted dungeon (which in turn is tracked towards a total to summon the final boss)
  2. Killing other players via invading or being invaded. (Note: "Destroying crystal shards does not decrease Infamy").

Killing other players as usual gains more Infamy than killing mobs.

Infamy loss

Getting killed or knocked out by a player in a Corrupted Dungeon causes you to lose a percentage of your Infamy.