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Items as well as Silver can be transferred between characters. There are various ways to do this depending on what is being transferred. Due to the fact that banks are bound to characters, items are not inherently shared between characters. Here is a list of known ways to transfer items:

  • Get a friend or alternate account and trade the items back and forth (requires a friend or additional account)
  • Transfer items through Guild Island or Player Island using a Chest (The furniture, not the dungeon ones obviously)

Transferring Items

Most players do not want to have to rely on other people to transfer items. The reason is clear, it is time consuming for both parties. There is the back and forth communication, and travel time if not in the same area. Therefore it is much more efficient to do so on you own. The easiest way is listed here as a step by step process:

  1. Have both characters you wish to transfer items in the same city.
  2. Either:
    1. Have one character own a player island and grant visitor access or higher to the other character to do transfer OR
    2. Have both characters part of the same guild. Even if the guild is on the alt and only contains 1 member, and allows the other player to visit
  3. Have a chest on the island with access higher than supplier so both characters can put in and take out items.
  4. Log in to first character, go to the island, and place items in the chest. Log out
  5. Log in with second character and retrieve the items form the chest.

*For more information on access rights for the island and chest see our page on Managing Access Rights

Transferring Silver

This can be done with another player/account, through trade but there are two other ways to do so if a player wishes to be independent.

  • Transfer through Gold. Since gold is account wide, any character can buy gold on the Gold Exchange, and then another character can in turn sell the gold to receive the silver.
  • Transfer through building deposits. Similar to chests, players can deposit silver into buildings on islands, which can then be withdrawn by other characters that claim it.

Transferring silver through buildings

  1. Have an island on any character, and grant the other character Co-Owner, as this is required for step 3.
    1. For silver protection, its best to make sure you trust all other co owners or have no other co owners
  2. Build any building that can craft or refine, such as a Tier 2 Smelter or Tier 3 Butcher and deposit the silver into the building.
  3. Log in to alternate character, and go to the building. Have that character Claim the building
  4. They can now withdraw the silver there.